LivingRoom for iPad - Floor Plans & Interior Design

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Simple, clean interior design. Right on your iPad.

“Banish interior room design headaches with this little gem...The balancing act this iPad app performs between being complex yet easy to use is its true highlight.” – AppVader

"LivingRoom is intuitive and user-friendly with its easy set of menus from which functions are selected." - Apartment Therapy

"This looks to be a terrific app for novice and pro home designers alike." – AppAdvice

• IMPORTANT NOTE: LivingRoom supports rooms of ANY shape! The canvas size setting is just to define the rough scale of your project. Rooms are defined by adding walls, floors, etc. in the appropriate shapes and sizes; that way, whatever your room looks like, you can model it in LivingRoom!

LivingRoom for iPad gives you the tools to plan and design your space — from the floor plan to laying out furniture to choosing materials. Pick from a large library of objects to place in your rooms, keep notes for each project, even add custom textures from your photo library! LivingRoom for iPad lets you see, touch, and share your design ideas.

Easy to use:

• Saves your place automatically
• Generous undo/redo
• Large built-in database of structural and design items -- furniture, appliances, lighting, bathroom & kitchen objects, and more!
• Easily move, resize, and rotate objects, add custom labels
• Add colors and textures to anything in your room
• Facebook and Twitter integration
• Email or save to your photo library
• Keep all your projects together and browse them easily in the built-in rooms gallery
• Simple to add irregular room types; just combine and rotate wall sections, doors, and windows!

Easy to customize:

• Use your own fabrics and textures
• Keep notes for each project
• Set your units of measure
• Optionally hide all furniture and only show structural components.

* Fixed an issue where a small number of users saw their rooms shift towards the bottom right of the screen.

New in 1.7:
* Retina graphics updated for the new iPad!
* Fixed problem with info panel buttons becoming too small to tap
* Object alignment (snapping to guides and edges) is much more accurate
* Fixed disappearing item palette background color
* Saved and emailed room images are now double the previous resolution

(If you love LivingRoom for iPad, or even just like it like a friend, please leave us a rating/review! It helps lots. Now back to your regularly scheduled update.)
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