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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Do you want to get instant email notifications that pop up on the screen even when you don't have the app open? Then this is for you!

Access your Gmail and your Google Task list easily! No more checking your email and exiting one app to enter another just to add a To-Do item and then jump back to your email. Do it seamlessly with THIS app! There's no subscription fees, just this one time, very small payment and get this awesome application with push notifications!

And on the iPad you get an enhanced view of your email! And you get your email and task list side-by-side, literally!

Additionally, this saves your battery! If you get notified of when you get new mail, it becomes unnecessary to have your phone checking for new emails every 15 minutes! Check it when you ACTUALLY get new email! You can see who it is from without even unlocking your phone!

Unlike many of the other email applications you'll see, our notification system is extremely stable and reliable.

-Instant notifications of new email
-Landscape mode supported (can be turned off)
-Multiple accounts are supported (Just $0.99/extra account!)
-Quickly and easily switch between inboxes for different accounts
-Notifications support international/non-English characters
-Seamless integration with Google Task list
-Schedule the times you want to receive notifications
-Offline access to your Gmail (view your old mail even without a connection!)
-Super fast loading of email (<2.5s on iPhone 3GS)
-View attachments and external links right inside the app
-All of Gmail's features including labels and conversation views
-Zoom in and out of emails (unlike some of the other email apps you see)
-Keeps you logged in (you won't have to type in your username and password each time) (If you have problems contact us)
-Option to have the default, native Mail app launch when notifications come in instead-- Great for if you want a reliable mail push service only! (This will open the compose new mail window, this is a limitation we cannot, at this time, get around)
-Option to stay on the Home Screen when notifications come in
-Custom sounds for each email account
-Vibrate only option
-iPad compatible! (multitasking available for iOS 4.2 and newer)
-Google Apps users are supported
-The unread badge icon stays synced even when you delete or read emails on the computer! (Deleting is instant, reading NOW SUPPORTED! (up to 4 min))
- Supporting Google's OAuth authentication method. What does this mean for you? We don't need your password for notifications anymore, just your permission!
- PIN lock feature, if you want to lock down the app or individual accounts

We have no way to respond to reviews! If you have a problem, please contact us! We will work with you if you have any trouble getting something to work. You can use either our website or our direct email address (that we get notifications for using our own service). Please let us know of any issues you have using one of those two methods before posting a bad review. We will do our best to respond to every request. Thanks!

If your company/school uses Google Apps to host it's mail then this service works for you too! Just remember that you must type in your full email address.

Gmail may warn you that there may be unauthorized access to your account shortly after signing up for notifications. This is absolutely normal. It is just our servers checking for new mail. In case you are worried, you can email our support, who can verify the ip address as ours.

If you have 2-step authentication enabled on your account, you are supported via Google's OAuth authentication. If you have trouble you can contact our support.

Fully supports iOS 6 and iPhone 5 with 4" screen.
Adresses an issue on the iPad where the inbox showed a white page.


This is a big update, the first one in over a year!

This fixes a ton of bugs identified by users and adds a ton of new features for you

Changes include:
★ Supporting Google's OAuth authentication method. What does this mean for you? We don't need your password for notifications anymore, just your permission!
★ We now show you the number of unread messages per account, handy if you have more than one.
★ New option for opening links in Safari instead of inside the application.
★ Major changes to how email attachments are handled. All attachments now open in a preview pane that allow you to pass the attachment on to any other program that can read it! This means that if you open a PDF, you can pass it to iBooks, or even Print it with the built in iOS printing. PPT's can be sent to Keynote! Photos can be saved to your Camera Roll!
★ Added the ability to silence individual accounts (previously it was all or nothing). You will find a new sound option in the Advanced menu option, "None", that yields no sound and no vibration when an email comes in.
★ Added a PIN lock feature, if you want to lock down the app or individual accounts (found in the Advanced options section).
★ Updated mail interface. ☺
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