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開発者HoodHot, Inc.
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互換性iOS 5.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Featured as a Staff Favorite on the iTunes App Store, experience "...the best travel app [] has ever used..." Now in Tokyo, and compatible with iOS 5.

Don't just travel, Teleport! Become an instant expert - just sit back, watch the short cultural, language, and neighborhood overviews, and dive right in to the bustling metropolis. With over 50 TokyoTV videos, choosing Tokyo's best experiences is as easy as watching Elina explain them to you. Because travel books are so last century.

What are users saying about the app?

"...this is quite possibly the best travel app we've ever used, regardless of city..." -

"'s the best money I've spent on any app."

"I have seen the future of travel guides, and this is definitely it."

"I was skeptical at first but now am sold: this app is worth the price."


✓ 150 Great Experiences: Don't just see the top sights - know what to do when you get there. Tokyo Teleport includes only the experiences that are worth your time and money, and includes detailed descriptions of the best areas to wander. See the sights, and know the scene.

✓ Smart Lists: Instant, five-word summaries of every venue help you pick with just one flick through any venue list.

✓ 50 WalkCast Videos: Don't get lost! Have Tokyo Teleport walk you to the front door of over 50 popular Tokyo venues.

✓ 50 TokyoTV Videos: Lean back, and watch Elina, your local guide, explain Tokyo's customs, culture, and best experiences to you.

✓ 500 high-quality photographs: See what you're getting into even before you even leave home.

✓ Offline GPS Mapping: A blue dot that tells you where you are on maps for 20 of Tokyo's most popular neighborhoods, organized per venue. No internet connection necessary.

✓ Teleport Tours: Tours created for the Chef, Fashionista, Artist/Architect, History Lover, and Otaku in your travel group.

✓ The Teleport Machine: Instant suggestions on experiences that are worth seeing, are close to you now, and don't cost an arm and a leg.

✓ Next Steps: It's easy to find one or two things that you want to enjoy in Tokyo, but what if they're halfway across the city? With suggestions for great next steps in every venue description, you always know what's next.

And for those worried about exorbitant roaming charges - don't be. Tokyo Teleport's WalkCast videos walk you to 50 of Tokyo's best venues, and GPS mapping services are stored on your device, completely offline, to ensure that you'll never get lost. With no surprise thousand-dollar roaming charges.

Be sure to practice safe teleport. Download Today!

Compatible with iOS5. For those updating from a previous version, we suggest deleting the app from the device before reinstalling and rebooting the device - if not, you may experience crashes on start.
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