Hatha Yoga – Your portable yoga studio.

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開発者bendyware inc.
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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Bendyware’s Hatha Yoga is the perfect way to practice yoga wherever you choose. Stop-motion visuals show you how to move, while the voice of world-renowned instructor Prahlada guides you through your class. With a wide range of built-in classes, and the ability to easily customize your own classes, anyone can find the right practice for themselves.

The benefits of a regular yoga practice can be immense. From increased strength and flexibility, to a more balanced and happy life. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for most people to go to a yoga class every day. Some people are able to practice on their own, but most find it challenging to practice without being led by an instructor. That’s why many people, from new Yogis to Yoga Teachers, often practice with the aid of a yoga CD or Video. Unfortunately, these classes are never as tailored as you would like them to be and they feel old very quickly.

That’s why we created Bendyware. You can enjoy the relaxing experience of being led by an expert through a yoga class, but also have the ability to tune the practice to your specific needs. New Yogis can start out with the basics, but then move on to more advanced postures as they become ready. You can tune your practices for those days where you can only spare 15 minutes for yourself, and also enjoy a yoga marathon when you have more time.

Bendyware’s Hatha Yoga Features:

- Hours of professionally recorded instruction with Prahlada, one of the most respected Sivananda-Style Yoga instructors alive today.
- Stop motion visuals that show you how to get into and out of each posture correctly.
- Built-in classes for various skill levels, and the ability to customize any class to suit your specific needs.
- Variations of many postures to focus specific aspects of your practice and vary your experience.
- Meditation and Pranayama instructions for different skill levels.
- The option to play your own music in the background during a class.
- The ability to pause for breaks whenever you need to. The app remembers your position so you can resume your practice right where you left off.

Application is now compatible with iOS 4.
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