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開発者John Ostler
リリース日2010-06-11 09:06:18
星3.6 (10人)
星3.6 (10人)
互換性iOS 10.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
Snare drum, Tenors, Basses, Cymbals, Practice pad and Metronome!!! In your pocket for around the cost of a drum key.

Selected as "New & Noteworthy" by Apple in the Music apps category! 15,000 Likes and counting on Facebook!

This isn't some free Snare app with canned sound effects and busted graphics. We're bringing the world's best drumming hardware to your fingertips. We've partnered with Dynasty USA Drums, Pro-Mark Drumsticks, Evans Drumheads, RealFeel Practice Pads, and Sabian Cymbals to deliver an optimized marching experience directly to your iPhone and iPod Touch. With Drumline, you'll never leave home without your beat.

• All custom 3d graphics from Dynasty and Evans finest drum equipment
• All audio samples are professional recordings by DCI DVD sound engineer Jamie Vanadia at NoiseFloor Ltd. in Chicago
• Some fine coding, for blazing fast touch responsiveness
• It's a whole drumline in your pocket for less than a drum key. Are you kidding?!

Get all this when you buy now!

Snare drum
• Dynasty's MS-XD14 Marching Snare Drum
• Classic mode
• Chops mode that includes config for tap, accent, double, flam, gracenote, buzz, rim, and rimshots
• Evans 2-sided RealFeel practice pad in speed and workout config (Flip it over by swiping your finger across the whole device screen left-to-right or right-to-left)
• Volume dynamics: the harder you tap the louder the sound
• Change the rim color to any color your drumline uses
• Evans Hybrid gray, white, and black snare batter drumheads
• Change the backgrounds: gym, field, parking lot, etc

Tenors (corps config)
• Dynasty's MT-680234 Tenor Drums in Corps Configuration with 6 inch and 8 inch shot drums
• Turn rims off/on for Tenors and Basses for the newbies... ;)
• Toggle between Pro•Mark nylon and soft mallets while playing

5 Basses
• Dynasty's MB-18 thru MB-26 Bass Drums - 18", 20", 22", 24", 26"
• Multiple 5 basses mode
• Single bass mode so you rip licks with your friends
• Toggle Hand-on-drum mode for single bass sounds
• Toggle between Pro•Mark nylon and soft mallets while playing

Crash Cymbals
• Sabian's Synergy HHX Cymbals - 18" and 20"
• Perform crashes, crash chokes, taps, sizzles, sizzle chokes, hi-hats, and zings through multitouch gestures!!! Search youtube for this stuff, it's HOT.

Drumming (copy the leader) Memory Game
• Test your drumming memory through sound and visuals
• Test yourself on Snare, Tenors or Basses
• Drumline captains, this will put your titles to the test!

• 30-300 BPM Metronome
• Choose wood block, metal (ear bleeding), and "duts"

Learn more at: http://drumlineapp.com
Join other drummers on Facebook (15000 likes and counting!!!): http://facebook.com/drumlineapp
Or twitter: http://twitter.com/drumlineapp

Technical notes:
• The newer your device, the more responsive the sounds will be.
• Turn your silent mode off to hear the sounds.
• Don't expect to be able to play everything you play in real life right away (it takes some practice to build your finger chops).
• Finally, don't use real drumsticks on your device... you'll crack your screen and your friends will point and laugh at you! Let's try not to make this the bad, 1985. :)

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

3.1 - Now get all instruments and memory game for one discounted price (no more additional purchases)! I took it a step further and Drumline now works on your iPad (or vice versa – no additional cost). The app is optimized for iOS 11 and now works on larger devices like iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

3.2 - Minor fixes and enhancements.
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