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‘This Self Help Love Tool Kit’ is a ‘must buy’ for your successful relationship.

How to spice up your love life with hypnosis
The ‘must listen to’ audio book for relationships

Included are two specially designed and tested Blueprint for Love self-hypnotic audios that you can play separately after you have listened to the audio book. One specially designed audio for men and one for women
Narrated by Lucien Morgan

The audio is aimed at people who:
• are already indulging in satisfactory sex lives but who wish to bring their enjoyment to even greater peaks of erotic pleasure
• have sexual problems such as impotence, inadequacy, frigidity and low self-esteem.
• have married a partner that they don’t find attractive anymore. There is the fascinating self-help audio example for Turning a Frog into a Prince.

Also included in your self-help love tool-kit is a variety of love help audio suggestions that are designed to rid you of your negative love-baggage, such as, Sexually Compatible Partner. When you Have Loved and Lost, Shyness, For Good Health and a Wonderful Body .and many, many more.

Note: Since there are a a collection of hypnotic audio examples to chose from, and are created to put you in a relaxed hypnotic state make sure you only listen to these sections of the book when you are relaxing in a comfortable chair or lying down. They are not to be played when you are driving a car, using machinery or working.

Top consultant hypnotherapy specialist and trainers trainer VALERIE AUSTIN reveals her remarkable methods based on her highly successful book HypnoSex. It is aimed at re-introducing the sparkle into a relationship that may have become jaded sexually, as well as setting out a programme that will help those already enjoying a good sexual relationship to make it even better. She also addresses people with sexual problems to help them change to a more satisfactory and enjoyable sex life. Her ‘Blueprint for Love’ hypnosis suggestion is a ‘must have’ for people that have not had the advantage of a loving relationship when they were growing up and are now always getting it wrong.

This unique audio love book instructs listeners how, using the amazing powers of self-hypnosis available to everyone, to clear your mind of obstructive, outmoded inhibitions that may be preventing you from enjoying the most satisfying sexual fulfilment you have ever known.

Valerie Austin believes that the mind is truly the most erotic organ in the body. And she will reveal how deep-rooted traumas that may be preventing the achievement of genuine sexual liberation can be banished forever with the right self-help therapy, using the amazing powers of hypnosis. Couples using her techniques will be able to achieve heights of sexual ecstasy they have never before experienced. Her methods reach the parts of the body that other sex manuals fail to reach!

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