palmReader 2.0

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リリース日2010-02-18 15:34:29
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星2 (21人)
互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Over 200,000 fans of our original palmReader app can't be wrong! So, now we bring you palmReader 2.0! With 200 new and improved separate and unique palm readings, along with brand new graphics all the way around, you'll be a fan of the new palmReader 2.0 in a hurry. Not to mention we've improved memory error detection and handling.

palmReader 2.0 is the ultimate (and second, if you count the original palmReader) Palm Reading Simulator for the iPhone. If you've every wished you could read palms, you don't have to. palmReader will do it for you (that's right, it's an automatic palm reading simulator.) It will scan your palm, display it on screen and read your personality and future while showing you how the reading corrisponds to your palm. It's fun and anybody can do it.

palmReader 2.0 still offers the bar bet found in the original palmReader.
You can set the reading to be silly. Or you can set the reading to be seriuos and fool your friends. There is also a special "Bar Bet" mode that shows you how to use the palmReader app to win yourself a free beer in a bar bet or get that hot girl or guy's phone number you've been after all night.

"Fun app! It had me nailed right off the bat... at least it felt that way." - Customer Review (US)
"The coolest part of this thing is the bar bet you can do with it. I took it out and didn't have to buy drinks all night. People were fascinated with it." - Customer Review (US)
"it's fun to do the reading in seriuos mode, but even funnier when you switch it to Silly." - Customer Review (US)

- Over 200 (new & improved) distinct simulated readings.
- Fun to do.
- Both Silly and Serious Readings available.
- "Bar Bet" Mode.
- Win yourself a free beer with it.
- Get a Girl or Guy's phone number with it.
- looks and acts real.
- Fool your friends (or even strangers.)
- Laugh Out Loud!

NOTE: This is a simulator. For those who don't know what 'simulator' means, it means it's for fun and not a real palm reader... palmReader simulates a palm reading. But it does it so convincingly you'll fool your friends.

Please read the instructions on the settings section by clicking on the 'i' to learn how to switch between 'Serious' and 'Silly' Modes, or to learn what the 'Bar Bet' mode is all about.

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