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開発者JONATHAN Simmons
リリース日2010-02-18 12:42:16
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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If you have family, friends or colleagues overseas, then InterClock is a must!

InterClock is the first clock that makes it easy to see and plan across 2 timezones -- great for planning business meetings in different regions, or for families who want to stay in touch across continents. No need to remember to add or subtract hours: it’s as simple as reading the clock. Unlike most other clock applications, InterClock does not just show the current time in another region, but instantly makes it clear how to translate any time between timezones.

InterClock will show you day and night in both timezones, so you can see when a good time might be to call someone. It also intelligently translates the 24-hour clock into a 12-hour clock which is right for the region. And just touch the dial to translate exact times between different timezones.

Features include:
-True multi-timezone clock : not just a “converter”
-Straightforward to compare times between regions
-Choose from over 300 secondary timezones, arranged by region (from the TZ/Olson database)
-Add your own timezones
-Display up to 4 timezones
-Choose whether to show the Primary (local) or Secondary (remote) on the outer dial
-Intelligent 24-hour to 12-hour conversion (am/pm)
-Touch center of dial to temporarily view other part of day (12am when in pm, or 12pm when in am)
-Full 24-hour clock also available
-Choice of 4 different clock backgrounds
-Show day/night in both regions (Configurable)
-Show work/free times in both regions (Configurable)
-Touch dial to instantly convert times between zones
-Toggle seconds hand on/off
- Increased contrast mode
- Can be set as desk clock : does not switch off when plugged into power
- iPad Universal binary with high resolution graphics
- Retina display support
- iOS7 look and feel

Q: So what is so different from the Clock application on the iPhone already? (or one of the multitude of similar applications)
A: Try to answer these 3 common, practical questions on the Clock application, or your other favourite clock app, between your time zone (A) and another one you communicate with (B) :
1. What time is it now in timezone A and timezone B ? (easy on Clock and InterClock)
2. I want to call my friend in timezone B in his morning. What time (in my timezone A) do I call him if I want to speak to him at 9am his time? (hard on Clock, easy on InterClock) 
3. What are all the possible times that we can speak which are sensible times for both of us? (very hard on Clock, easy on InterClock) 

Updated for iOS7 with a new colour scheme and a brand new icon. Fixed a couple of bugs too.
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更新日時:2021年1月25日 06時38分




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