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DiversityWorkers.com: Find a Career and search jobs from companies that are interested in a diverse workforce

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CAUTION !!! USING THIS APP MIGHT GET YOU A GREAT NEW JOB. The DiversityWorkers.com iPhone application provides users with access to top-tier diversity career websites from the world’s largest network of niche career communities. DiversityWorkers.com is the premier online career community for diverse professionals who wish to join an equally diverse workplace environment.

The application allows users to search thousands of jobs by location and keyword, review detailed job descriptions, save jobs to a list of favorites and share jobs with friends. It will also use push notifications to alert you whenever new jobs matching your recent job searches are posted. This will enable you to see all new opportunities as soon as they become available.

In addition, users can browse valuable career articles for advice on job searching, resume writing, interviewing, networking and more. Employers and recruiters can also access valuable employment-related articles and information.

For more information about DiversityWorkers.com and our niche network of career communities, visit the website. In the meantime, download our FREE application and find a rewarding career.

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