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HB Kim has been teaching CA license Board preparation class for several years in Southern CA area.

This lecture helps you to understand the major acupoints and herbs to prepare the NCCAOM and State Board test.
Acupuncture lecture is almost 3 hour lecture. Single herb lecture and Herbal formula lecture are almost 4 hour lecture each.

You can choose to start from the beginning or resume from bookmarked lecture. If you have any question about the contents in the lecture, you can email the instructor through HBKim@qpuncture.com.

Acupuncture Part I: It is about the acupoints of LU channel. (16 Minutes)
This lecture is a LITE version package with one Acupuncture Point Part. In the Full package, you will see all 3 Acupuncture Points Parts described in below.

Acupuncture Part I: It is about the acupoints of LU, LI, ST, and SP channels.
Acupuncture Part II: It is about the acupoints of HT, SI, UB, and KD channels.
Acupuncture Part III: It is about the acupoints of PC, SJ, GB, LIV, DU and REN channels.
* QLecture Acupuncture package ONLY includes Acupuncture parts. QLecture Acupuncture package does not include Single Herbs nor Herbal Formulas.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us at 1-714-685-0900 (9am - 6pm in PST) or email info@qpuncture.com

Other Qlecture Related Products

- Herbal Formulas Full Package: About 4-hour lecture.

* Herbal Formulas Part I: It includes the formulas that Release exterior, Clear Heat, Purge and Harmonize.
* Herbal Formulas Part II: It includes the formulas that Expel Damp, Warm interior cold, Tonify, Regulate Qi and Invigorate the blood.
* Herba Formulas Part III: It includes the following formula: Stabilize and Bind, Calm Shen, Expel Wind, Dissolve Phlegm, Digestive formula.

* QLecture Herbal Formulas package ONLY includes Herbal Formulas parts. QLecture Herbal Formulas package does not include Acupuncture nor Single Herbs.

- Single Herbs Full Package: About 4-hour lecture.

* Single Herbs Part I: It includes the herbs that release the exterior, herbs that Clear Heat, Drain Downward, Drain Dampness.
* Single Herbs Part II: It includes the herbs that Dispel Wind-Dampness, Transform Phlegm and Stop coughing, Transform Dampness(aromatic herbs), Relieve Food Stagnation and Regulate the Qi.
* Single Herbs Part III: It includes the herbs that Regulate the Blood, Warm the Interior and Expel Cold, Tonify, Stabilize and Bind, Calm the Spirit, Open the Orifices, Extinguish Wind and Stop Tremors, Expel parasites, Substances for External use.

* QLecture Single Herbs package ONLY includes Single Herbs parts. QLecture Single Herbs package does not include Acupuncture nor Herbal Formula.

© Qpuncture

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