Stocks Portfolio for iPad

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開発者Recession Apps LLC
リリース日2010-04-01 17:58:23
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iPad 対応。
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Most full featured Stocks Portfolio management app on the iPad. More features than any other stocks app for the iPad. Designed specifically for the iPad. Real-time quotes. Performance calculations. Notes. Private Stock. Bonds.

Stocks Portfolio for iPad is the only stock portfolio management app that has all the features you need to manage all your accounts. It is the only app that can accurately reflect your stock broker's account. It is the only app that can manage cash in your accounts. It also has the cleanest design to quickly view all your stocks and watch lists.

If you need help using the app, tap the ? button on the top of each view. Or go to the Help view.

To get started, check out the Tutorial page in the Help.

✓ Performance calculation comparison to S&P 500

✓ Performance calculations that take cash deposits and withdrawals into consideration

✓ Real-time quotes*

✓ Unlimited Portfolios

✓ Unlimited Watch Lists

✓ Unlimited Notes

✓ Unlimited stocks in Watch Lists

✓ Multiple currency symbol support

✓ Exchange rate support

✓ Stock exchange to currency ratio support

✓ Auto-refresh of quotes

✓ Full stock search using Google or Yahoo

✓ Pre-market and after-market real-time quotes

✓ Import history from stock broker account with exported data

✓ Export history

✓ Quick import and export of Watch List

✓ Latest news for each stock

✓ Link Notes to each Stock

✓ Quick link to your stock broker

✓ Add your own stock broker

✓ Quick link to your stock in Yahoo Finance or Google Finance

✓ Passcode lock

✓ Manage cash accounts

✓ Report dividends, interests

✓ Stock splits, reverse splits

✓ Choose Google or Yahoo

✓ Date/Time format based on your region

✓ Stocks, mutual funds, preferred shares, bonds, ETFs

✓ Private or non-traded Bonds and Stocks

✓ Designed specifically for the iPad

✓ Quick access to help on each view

✓ Charts

✓ Over 160 different currency exchange rates

✓ Summary of each and all of your portfolios

✓ Shows stock's day gain in Summary and Performance views

✓ FAQ and tutorials right in the app

A big thank you to all of you who sent in suggestions. Many of the new features were from you.

If you need additional features, please contact us at

Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice, and may be delayed.

* Real-time quotes are provided by Google for NASDAQ and NYSE exchanges only.

Contact us at

Help, tutorial and FAQ is available at:

Fixes stock trades not always being reported properly when entered from the Report Stock Trades view.
Fixes crash when in portrait view and switching to certain views.
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更新日時:2023年10月4日 21時18分




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