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リリース日2010-03-11 08:31:09
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互換性iOS 11.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
Use SMS touch to send SMS text messages to any mobile phone anywhere in the world for just 15 cents per SMS using your iPhone or iPod touch. No international or roaming costs are applied. You can send text messages to international destinations or while travelling in other countries and the cost will stay the same.

You can buy SMS text messages through the App Store via In-App Purchase in bundles of 10, 100, 500 or 1000 SMS. You can query your SMS balance at any time.

No commercials are tagged to your message, the entire message (all 160 characters) is yours. Using the templates feature you can store an reuse often-used text messages.

We take customer support of SMS touch very seriously and we are able to track the delivery status of each SMS. But most of all, you yourself will also be able to check the delivery status of each SMS you send.

You can configure the app in such a way that you will receive Push Notifications and/or Delivery Reports by email of each SMS that was delivered. You can also receive a copy of each SMS you send by email.

Please watch the App Preview to see the sending of the SMS and the delivery notification in action.

All features of the SMS protocol are covered and supported. Standard SMS, Long SMS, Unicode SMS are all covered and you can configure your sender ID or caller ID.

SMS touch is also useful for iPad and iPod touch users. It will turn your iPad and iPod touch into a text messaging device in any WiFi zone and you can receive the SMS replies on your email address and/or as push notifications.


√ Standard SMS
√ Long SMS (concatenated SMS of up to 3 SMS)
√ Unicode SMS (Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian characters etc.)
√ Multiple Recipients
√ Custom Sender ID

Report Features

√ Delivery Reports via email
√ Delivery Reports as Push Notifications
√ Email Copies of your SMS

Handy Features

√ Favorites
√ Templates

Additional Features:

√ Landscape mode
√ Change your Text Size
√ Add Google Map link of your current location
√ Support for iPhone X and higher displays

Video Tutorials are built in the app and can be found in the Help section. Available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.


Great and quick tech support! It is not free, but it works great for sending SMS overseas! Thank you! - USA

Mit diesem App schreibe ich wieder gerne SMS (IPod touch WLAN). Durch die Tastatur - auch quer - ist es wesentlich komfortabeler SMS zu schreiben als mit dem Handy. - Germany

I have been looking for a app like this for awhile now witch let's me send SMS straight from my iPod Touch to a European phone number. And what can I say... I've found the perfect one :) - Sweden

Super SMS App. Funktioniert einfach und schnell. Auch im IPad. Gut konfigurierbar. Mobile Nr. Aus Kontakte einfügen etc.. Perfekt. SMS wird sofort gesendet und Antwort auf e-mail auch. Super...Danke. - Switzerland

Excellent, je peux ENFIN envoyer des textos a ma copine qui est au Mexique. Bouygues ne m autorisait pas a le faire. En plus 10cts le textos a l étranger c trop top! Merci pr cette appli! - France

I messaggi arrivano in pochi secondi RICEVUTA DI CONSEGNA inclusa nel prezzo!!! Possibilita' di utilizzare lo stesso account su pc Apple!! INDISPENSABILE PER CHI VIAGGIA!!! - Italy


Please refrain from sending your bug reports or feature requests using the App Store reviews. Instead, you can receive a personal response by emailing us at or You will always get a reply!

Thank you!

You can now print the User Manual from the Help section. Switched to the https protocol.
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