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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Use aviation-grade precision for your weather predictions!

Weather Tuner uses the same information that pilots use to provide you with accurate weather predictions for your daily activities on the ground!

Wherever you are on the planet, it can:
- Locate you automatically
- Find the closest airports from your location, sorted by distance
- Display current weather data and short term predictions from the selected airport.

Weather Tuner decodes the aviation weather bulletins (METAR & TAF) and displays in plain english the data relevant to people on the ground: current weather information (temperature, pressure, humidity, windspeed, precipitation/obscuration) and 24 hour weather forecast, all available on the same screen!

If you keep Weather Tuner running as a table weather station, it will update its display every minute, so that you always get the latest available information from your selected station. The age of data is displayed for both the measure and the prediction. Also, an icon summarizing the forecast is displayed when possible.

It is not intended as a long term weather prediction application, but rather as a tool you can trust for planning the outdoors activities of your day or night. If you're into hiking, cycling, motorcycling, golfing, gardening, etc... you'll know exactly what to expect from the sky for the hours to come.

When travelling (or planning a trip), you can quickly change your location using the embedded world map to display data from anywhere in the world. When you're in a hotel away from home, you still have access to your trusty weather prediction tool. For convenience, a home button is available to quickly return to your home station.

Please note that an internet connection is required for Weather Tuner to retrieve its data.

Key Features:
- Automatic location.
- Display of current weather data (temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitations)
- Display of short term weather predictions (typically 24 hours)
- Calculation of sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset for your current location
- Automatic update of the data (no need to manually refresh the display).
- Display of data can be changed to any of the major units (Celcius, Fahrenheit, inHg, hPa, knots, mph, km/h)

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