Sum and Substance; Constitutional Law by Professor Mary Cheh

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Study Any Time, Anywhere, With the Top Law Professors in the Country. With Sum & Substance you get dynamic lectures from gifted law professors whose years of teaching experience enable them to express even the most complex ideas clearly and succinctly. Listen to lectures anywhere, at your convenience - while commuting, exercising, or even running errands.

Professor Mary Cheh is an Outstanding Professor at George Washington University where, for twenty five years, she has taught Constitutional Law and Criminal Procedure. During this time, she has also served as a Visiting Professor at various universities in the United States and abroad. Professor Cheh received her LLM from Harvard Law School and her JD from Rutgers University School of Law. She is the author of numerous articles on constitutional law and has lectured around the country to thousands of students and is a frequent media commentator on constitutional law issues.

Constitutional Law by Professor Mary Cheh provides a succinct, expert overview of the fundamental concepts of constitutional law. Exam tips are included to help you maximize your retention and application of the material presented.

Table of Contents
1.Powers of the Federal Courts - Judicial Review
2.Limits on the Powers of Federal Courts
3.Article III
4.Congressional Control of Jurisdiction
5.The Exceptions of Power
6.Cases and Controversies
7.The Doctrine of Standing
8.Ripeness and Mootness
9.Political Questions, Advisory Opinions and Abstract Questions
10.Rules of Self Restraint
11.Executive Powers
12.Domestic Powers
13.Non-delegation Doctrine
14.Legislative Veto
15.Power of Appointment and Removal
16.Power to Pardon
17.Commander in Chief Powers
18.Foreign Affairs Powers
19.Executive Privileges and Immunities
20.Powers of Congress
21.The Necessary and Proper Clause
22.The Commerce Power
23.Federalism Limits on the Commerce Power
24.Federalism: Relationship of States to National Government
25.Spending Power and the Power to Tax
26.Power of Congress to Enforce Fourteenth Amendment
27.States, Federalism and Constitutional Limits on State Powers
28.Express Limits on State Powers
29.Supremacy of Federal Law
30.The Negative Commerce Clause
31.The Market Participation Doctrine
32.Individual Liberties: The State Action Doctrine
33.The Fourteenth Amendment Privileges and Immunities of National Citizenship
34.The Second Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms
35.Due Process of Law
36.Due Process of Law and the Incorporation Debate
37.Economic Substantive Due Process
38.Substantive Due Process, Personal Rights
39.Procedural Due Process
40.Equal Protection of the Law
41.The Purpose to Discriminate Requirement
42.The Rational Basis Test
43.Why Deferential Review for Economic and Social Discrimination
44.Strict and Intermediate Scrutiny
45.Strict Scrutiny & Racial Discrimination
46.Affirmative Action
47.Other Classifications of Discrimination
48.Discrimination Based on Alienage
49.Gender Discrimination
50.Discrimination based on Illegitimacy
51.Fundamental Rights Equal Protection
52.Freedom of Expression
53.Vagueness, Overbreadth and Prior Restraint
54.Content Control of Speech
55.Time, Place and Manner Controls
56.Special Categories of Content
58.Fighting Words
60.Defamatory Speech
61.Commercial Speech
62.Public Forums
63.Special Populations; Government Employees and Students in School
64.First Amendment and the Religion Clauses
65.The Establishment Clause
66.Free Exercise of Religion

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