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開発者James Sayer
リリース日2010-01-07 09:36:01
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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StrokeWatch™ is the perfect iPhone or iPod touch application for athletes, coaches, and spectators of the sport of rowing.

Whether you are a coach training your crew or just a spectator during a day at a regatta, StrokeWatch™ offers the ability to quickly and easily determine the stroke rate, as well as the average stroke rate, for your boat or crew. It also features a stopwatch to mimic exactly the core functionalities of any basic stroke watch on the market today. It also includes a lap timer.

Additionally, StrokeWatch™ takes advantage of the iPhone’s beautiful large display and also offers tactile and audio feedback by vibrating the iPhone and playing a sound everytime the “Stroke” button is tapped.* The "Stroke" button will activate when anywhere below the "Reset" button is tapped. Now, you will never miss a stroke!

*Vibrating feature is not supported on the iPod touch or iPad.

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To begin, simply tap the green “Start” button or tap the yellow "Stroke" button. The timer will begin running and the time elapsed will be displayed. If you tapped the "Stroke" button first, the clock will start automatically and count the tap as the first stroke.*

To begin calculating the instantaneous stroke rate and average stroke rate, simply tap the yellow “Stroke” button in tune with whatever object your taking the rate from. The iPhone will vibrate and play a sound. The number of strokes will increase by the Stroke Base amount. Because of the math involved in calculating the rate of striking, “Stroke” must be tapped at least two times to be able to display a stroke rate and an average stroke rate. The stroke rate is calculated in strokes per a minute.

To calculate the lap time, simply tap the "Lap" button. Each time the "Lap" button is tapped, the time interval between each "Lap" button tapped is recorded into the table along with the lap number and average stroke rating for the lap. To delete a selected lap, simply swipe across the table to delete a specific row. The red "Delete" button should appear within the row the swipe gesture was applied to. Additionally, tapping the "Reset" button when the timer is stopped will erase the lap data from the table.

When finished, simply tap the red “Stop” button and then tap the white “Reset” button to reset all values to zero. You can also tap “Reset” at any point in time to quickly clear out inaccurate data or previous runs. Tapping "Stop" will also pause the timer and tapping "Start" will simply resume the timer.

Users can change the default Stroke Base based on their preference. (For example, the stroke rating can be taken by tapping "Stroke" every 2nd, 3rd, or 4th stroke for increased accuracy.) To change the Stroke Base, simply tap on the "info" button on the top right corner of the main view. Then simply tap on the Stroke Base of your choosing. Then tap "Done" to return to the main view. The Stroke Base indicator just above the button will reflect the change. All settings will be saved upon exiting the application.

- iOS 6 Support
- Optimized for iPhone 5
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