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価格 100円
リリース日2009-12-31 07:02:14
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互換性iOS 5.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2023-03-31 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
Thanks for making Fark® Not News the most popular paid Fark app! It was co-developed with the Fark.com team and is integrated with the website.

What is Fark? "The first thing you should know is that Fark.com isn't a Weblog. Fark.com, the Web site, is a news aggregator and an edited social networking news site. Every day Fark receives 2,000 or so news submissions from its readership, from which we hand-pick the funny and weird notable news -- and not-news -- of the day." (www.fark.com)
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What can I do with the app?
Quickly scan the latest Fark headlines in any of the standard categories (Not News, Sports, Business, Geek, Showbiz, Politics, Music, Video). Select the funniest, stupidest, or most interesting. Read what other Farkers are saying and add your own thoughts. Submit your own hilarious headlines and see if you can get "green-lit"; moved to the main pages for the world to see. Share headlines with friends via email, text message, Facebook, or Twitter. Add the best ones to your FarkFavorites (stored on your device AND synced with your Fark.com account for later viewing on a PC). Use the FarkLocator map to view all the upcoming Fark parties all over the world. View the party details and check out the comments of others who are attending. View other Farkers currently using the app and check out their Fark user profiles. Update your status, because maybe there's another Farker sitting across the bar from you right now…it could be Drew himself. Choose whether or not to share your current location, including the ability to hide yourself automatically when you're within a certain distance of "home". Later in the day while using your PC, add a few favorites from your browser and see them on the phone the next time you use the app. Do it all ad-free!

"..it's pretty clear that it's funny. Really funny. So, to both Farkers of the world and to those who have never heard of it…if you like the site, there’s an app for that, too."
Bonnie Eisenman, 148apps.com

"If you’re a fan of Fark, it’s for you. And if you haven’t yet joined in, why not?"
Bob, The Appcast

* Minor bug fixes.
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更新日時:2023年3月31日 18時49分




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