Elevation For Real

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開発者homedatasheet.com, Inc.
リリース日2009-12-29 13:12:22
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互換性iOS 13.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
Get real-time elevation from your iOS device's GPS receiver and built-in geoid model.

As a bonus, we've also included access to the USGS Elevation Web Service which provides US ground elevation data. You'll be amazed at how, when you have a good view of the sky, Elevation For Real's internally generated elevation converges on the USGS value after just a short time. Outside the U.S., or on iOS devices with non-U.S. region settings, or if the USGS elevation service is unavailable, Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) published elevation data is shown between 60°N and 56°S latitude.

Here are some more features:

- Real-time map which displays your location

- Estimated vertical and horizontal accuracy

- Spot elevation data displayed by tapping map

- English or metric units based on your region setting

- Start/Stop button

- One touch screenshots

- NO Third-Party Ads!

- Optional pressure altimeter (in-app purchase). Measure relative altitudes or calibrate to an elevation benchmark. Use indoors or out. Even works in Airplane Mode! Note: your iOS device must be equipped with a barometer to access pressure altimeter functionality. The iPhone 6 and later and the iPad Air 2 and later have barometers.

Download Elevation For Real today!


1) homedatasheet.com, Inc. is not affiliated with USGS. USGS Elevation Web Service is available to the general public online, at no cost.

2) SRTM is provided by geonames.org. homedatasheet.com, Inc. is not affiliated with geonames.org. U.S.-based users should note that, in many instances, the SRTM data is not as accurate as USGS data. All users should note that, in certain locations, the SRTM dataset may be tens of meters or more in error.

3) ***The initial view of this app requires a GPS signal to work properly. A clear view of the sky is needed for GPS reception, and it may take several seconds to get a position fix. Elevation for Real will run on devices not equipped with a GPS receiver and GPS-equipped devices that are not receiving a GPS signal, but any resulting elevation readings will just be the approximate ground elevation at your location, even if you are several stories up in a tall building.

4) ***Any elevation measurements with personal safety or financial implications should be performed by professionals with professional GPS equipment. Elevation for Real is not intended to determine flood hazard. Consult a licensed professional in your jurisdiction, such as a surveyor or engineer, when dealing with flood risk.

- Compiled in iOS 13
- Improved user experience when app enters foreground from background
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