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開発者PEKO Enterprise, LLC
リリース日2009-12-20 11:27:10
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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PGA Show Price Special $9.99

Now in version 2.0! Support for iPad and iPod Touch! Note that you must have an additional wireless camera to use our App on one of these devices. More information is on our website at www.swingatem.com.

Don't waste your time with other swing analyzer application. Swing At'em Golf has all the features you'll ever need. It's the best designed, well thought out. It's used by the most top teachers and players in the world. Read our Testimonials.

Design by a PGA Teaching Golf Professional.

Please note that this application is now compatible with the 3G iPhone.


"I use the Swing At'Em Golf iPhone app with all my students. It is a great tool that allows you to have a video swing analyzer in your pocket. You can use the video of your iPhone, slip the swing clip in your At'Em analyzer and draw all the lines, circles, etc you desire to analyze the swing and to play it back in frame-by-frame, slow motion or regular speed, do text over and email it all on the spot. It's instant analysis with only one tool....your phone.....incredible, I would not be without it,

Jim Hardy
Plane Truth Golf
2007 PGA National Teacher of the Year
Golf Digest Top 50 Instructors
Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructors

The Swing At'em golf app is just what I have been waiting for.It is always handy, simple and quick.I know once you have the Swing At'Em App on your phone you will hardly ever reach for you other video camera again.

Stan Utley
Short Game Guru
Golf Digest Top 50 Instructors
PGA Tour Winner

"I got it as well as upgraded my old iPhone to the new 3GS with video. I used this for my teaching today. Each student gained immediate feedback and processed their obstacle to success -- and then improved. It is a revolution to no longer have to spend $2,500 to $6,000 for video analysis. Congratulations to Pol Montano. It has features no one has too!!!"

Carol Mann
LPGA Hall of Fame

"I've been impressed with all the features that Swing At'em Golf can perform in such a portable unit. The feature of emailing my students where I can include drawings and text helps greatly with our communication. My students can use Swing At'em Golf on the lesson tee or course and send their swings to me instantly or review them on their own. It's a great help to both my Tour and amateur players. What a great teaching and learning tool !!!"

Rick Sellers
Teaching Professional
2004 Illinois PGA Teacher of The Year
Golf Magazines Top Instructors in The Midwest
Golf Digest Top Instructors in Illinois.

Ultimate in Portability

Now, serious golfers can have a professional eye on their swing everytime they practies or play – anytime and anywhere-without setting up a laptop or a video camera

Easy Access

Golfers will enjoy the convenience of having a golf swing analyzer in their pockets. With Swing At’em, they can easily send video clips via email to their instructors and receive feedback with graphic and text right on the course or the practice range. It’s like having a golf pro with them at all times!

Features (Compared to other apps, we have the most features. Hands down the Best!!)

* Forward and Reverse Playback
* Slow motion
* Frame by frame
* Pan & Zooming Tool
* Rotate
* Mirror
* Split Screen for Comparison, with lock
* Overlay, with lock
* Full set of Graphic tools
* Student Library
* Preview
* Video Clip info.
* Portrait & Landscape view
* Text Overlay
* File Import/Export
* Recording
* Trimming Tool
* Email with graphic and text
* Video Tutorial w/voice

To see the User Guide, and for more information visit www.swingatem.com

* iPhone 3G S (we highly recommend, higher fps.)
* iPhone 3G (lower fps.)
* iPhone OS 3.0 or later

Fixed issue with importing videos that were synced through itunes.
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