Travel in 10 - 10 Minute Global Travel Guides

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Travel in 10 is your ten minute global travel guide for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. The application provides reviews of Hip Hotels, Cool Restaurants, concerts, festivals and more. Look forward to video and audio tours from Tokyo, Laos, Thailand, Luang Prubang, Africa, Los Angeles, Hawaii and more.

The application not only gives you access to the latest episodes of the Travel in 10 series – but also access to special features like:

*PDF documents – Maps, Travel Tips and more


*Bonus audio and video content

*Following the show’s Twitter feed

*Mark & create a favorite episode list for later reference

*Enjoy downloaded episodes in offline mode

The Travel in 10 Travel series is one of the most subscribed travel shows on both itunes and the zune marketplace. Listen on your ipod, HDzune, iPad or iPhone.

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Version 1.2.1 is available at an introductory price, so buy now and save.

(Please note, not all features are available for all episodes. This app is compatible with the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, but the call-in feature is only available on the iPhone)

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