The Professor: Full Court Skills Workout Basketball System

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Level X Hoops presents the next wave in basketball instructional video apps with the groundbreaking multiple volume Basketball Skills System… with your instructor… the one, the only… The PROFESSOR!

Streetball king, living legend, world-wide superstar, and ESPN celebrity Grayson “The Professor” Boucher in now at your fingertips… You can learn all his moves, his ballin’ secrets, and his mental approach and workout routines wherever you go- or wherever you are!

Grayson “The Professor” Boucher is the most popular streetball player ever. With AND 1 he has played in over 20 countries and has been featured in six seasons of “Streetball” on ESPN, numerous AND 1 Mixtape DVDs, and four AND 1 Commercials. When not on the court he has applied his drive and unparalleled discipline to embarking on an acting career with a lead role in the recent “Ball Don’t Lie” as well as appearances in other movies such as “Semi-Pro.” Not one to ever remain content, he continues training and playing every day and now he is ready to school you with this groundbreaking first of its kind app.

Check it- if you’ve got 30 minutes, then you’ve got time for the world’s best basketball skills workout… and you WILL become a better baller… for sure!

* Over 30 minutes of instruction and demonstrations filmed in Hi-Def and intermixed with Mash-up footage of The Professor living the Streetball lifestyle. You’ll feel like you’re actually hangin’ with the man himself!
* Each skill and drill thoroughly explained and demonstrated with key points highlighted by pop up text so you can stay with the footage
* Videos are shown in real-time and slow motion as well as forward and reverse. Controls just like a DVD!
* Beats provided by Sam Rhansum

This application contains:

An introduction from The Professor
Up & Back Jog
Up & Back Sprints
One Bounce Behind the Back
Consecutive Behind the Back
Looping Behind the Back
Looping Consecutive Behind the Back
Retreat Dribble
Full Court Rebounding
Stop & Pop
Stop & Pop Free Throw
3 Minute Review of the above
Wrap up featuring some parting words of wisdom from The Professor

This app is more than just an instructional video. With this series you will not only learn the approach but develop a winning attitude.

Be the Baller you always wanted to be! DOWNLOAD NOW!

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