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ALS Protocols is a must have for any Paramedic or EMT-CC providing Emergency Medical Care in Suffolk County, NY!

This app contains the Advanced Life Support Protocols for Emergency Medical Providers for Suffolk County, New York, as well as the Basic Life Support Protocols for Emergency Medical Providers in the State of New York.

Each protocol is specifically designed for the iPhone Screen. There is no pinching or zooming to find the information you need.

App is optimized for both the iPhone 4’s 3.5 inch screen as well as the iPhone 5’s 4 inch screen.

Supports both Portrait and Landscape Views.

Version 4 has been rebuilt from scratch to have the most user friendly experience working with the new flow-chart style ALS Protocols.

Main Features Include:

- Suffolk County ALS Protocols as of December 2013
- NYS BLS Protocols
- ALS Medication Sheets
- BLS Medication Sheets
- Important Resources
- Quick access favorite protocols
- A dozen useful tools

Resources such as:

- Useful paperwork:
-- Call Related
-- Class Related
-- CME Information
-- Policies, Procedures, & Other
-- Training Related

Paperwork is easily e-mailed, or printed wirelessly. Multi-page documents allow you to mark your favorite pages.

- AMPDS Codes
- Department Identifiers
- Disposition Codes
- Divisions
- Location Codes
- Important Phone Numbers
- Radio Identifiers
- Unit Identifiers
- Zip Codes

Tools Section:
- Acute MI Locator Chart
- Ambulance Times Tracker
- APGAR Score Calculator
- Cardiac Arrest Recorder
- Dopamine Drip Calculator
- GCS Calculator
- One-Minute Cranial Nerve Exam
- Pediatric GCS Calculator
- Pediatric Tube Side Calculator
- Pediatric Vital Signs
- Pounds to Kilograms Converter
- Quick Adult Code Med List

ALL tools are now completely free and ship with the application.

On each Protocol Screen you have the ability to:
- Search for keywords within the protocol
- Add the protocol to your favorites

The optional Quick Launch Protocol Toolbar allows for quick access to:
- Search
- Widescreen
- Unit Times
- Medical Control

Medical Control Phone Number along with the quick launch protocol toolbar can be configured in the application settings.

Additional Features:
- All medications in each protocol are hyperlinked, tapping them will take you to their respective medication sheet.
- Any protocol that specifies a Dopamine Drip will have a "(Calc)" hyperlink next to the medication, tapping that will allow you to calculate a Dopamine Drip within the protocol using Suffolk County Standards.
- Any protocol that references either another ALS or BLS protocol will be hyperlinked, which will take you that that protocol, but you may still go back to the parent protocol.

Protocols will be updated as they roll out free of charge. Please allow for some time for update after rollout as we receive the updates at the same time as everyone else. We have to update our applications and submit an update to Apple, which may take up to an additional week.

We appreciate your patience.

This app is a must have for any of ALS Providers in Suffolk County, New York.

ALS Protocols provides fast, easy and well formatted access to Advanced & Basic Life Support Protocols on the go and could be vital to any medical professional in an emergency situation.

- Please read disclaimer after install.
- Please rate this application if you like it!
- If you would like the Basic Life Support Protocols for New York State just search 'Pocket Protocols'!
- If you would like the NYC Paramedic Protocols just search ‘NYC ALS Protocols’!

Thank you everyone for your continued support!

Fixed an issue with one of the medications.

Thanks Frank!
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