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互換性iOS 3.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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With almost 400k apps on the app store, developers often put their apps on sale to pump up their downloads, generate some buzz, and boost the popularity of their apps. This is great for all of us app-addicts, but the problem becomes: How do I sift through 400,000 apps and find the ones that have recently come on sale?! That's where comes in. AppTrakr is constantly searching for price changes, popularity ranks, new apps, updates, you name it. Computers are a wonderful thing, aren't they!? This app - "Free App Genie" - is a condensed version of what AppTrakr offers. It only lists the apps that used to cost something, but now are FREE! This of course is usually because a developer is putting on a special promotion for a limited time. You'd have to be pretty lucky to find out about it on the web. With "Free App Genie" powered by AppTrakr, all of the newly FREE apps are right there within reach!

Here's a list of some of the great apps YOU could have found in the last few months while they were FREE if you had used "Free App Genie" powered by AppTrakr. We grabbed them for free, did you? These are all FULL versions... no lites!
-Diner Dash 2.99
-I Dig It! 0.99
-Solomon's Keep 0.99
-Rayman 2 was 4.99
-Geared was 0.99
-Zen Bound 2.99
-Minigore 0.99
-Galcon Labs 2.99
-Solomon's Boneyard 0.99
-Duke Nukem 3D 0.99
-Sooziz 1.99
-Skullpogo 1.99
-iBomber 2.99
-Lion Pride 0.99
-Pollywog 0.99
-Low Grav Racer 2 2.99
-Monster Kill 0.99
-Robocalypse 0.99
-A Doodle Fly 1.99
-Buster Red 1.99
-Pocket Boxing 1.99
-Crazy Turkey Blast 0.99
-Chop Chop Ninja 1.99
-Prairie Chute 0.99
-Charmed 2.99
-The Creeps! 1.99
-Pew Pew Land 0.99
-Sword of Fargoal 3.99
-Underworlds 0.99
-Puzzle Quest 1+2 4.99
-iBlast Moki 0.99
-Tilt to Live 0.99

"Free App Genie" powered by AppTrakr also reaches out across the inter-web and shows you all of the app information that you'd see if you were in iTunes, so you don't waste your time bouncing back and forth between the app and the app store. It also sorts the free apps by category, then by app popularity, so we're showing you the best free apps right away. Alternatively, you can see all current free apps sorted alphabetically if you're not categorically inclined.

"Free App Genie" powered by AppTrakr is a free download, and the service itself is free to use for 30 days. If you like getting good quality apps for free (and who wouldn't?) then you can continue your "Free App Genie" service through In-App purchases for periods of 30 days at a time. Think of it as an investment. Pay one low-low price, and get dozens and dozens of free apps every day for 30 days. Sounds like a no-brainer to me! If you really don't like spending ANY money, then you have the option to continue using an Ad-Supported "Free App Genie" with full functionality. Either way, since it's completely free to use for 30 days, no strings attached, what do you have to lose? Download this app now, and start loading up on FREE APPS!!! And as of the 1.5 release, you can tweet and send emails about the great free apps you've found. Have you found an awesome app that is free for a short time, and you want to tell the world about it? Tweet or Email Away!

Note: Some of the app store reviews seem to indicate that some users are having a hard time understanding the concept of "Free App Genie". Of course if an app is listed as free in "Free App Genie", it will appear as free in the actual app store. That's the whole point. The key point is: a short time ago, that app used to cost something, and you wouldn't have known about it the sale if not for "Free App Genie"!

Also Note: AppTrakr is constantly tracking the App Store for price changes, but depending on when the developer changes the app back to its regular price, an app may still show up as a free app for a certain period of time in "Free App Genie". MAKE SURE the app is still listed as 'Free' when you are redirected to the App Store before you download, otherwise you will be paying for it.

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