Lose Weight Pedometer

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開発者Harmony & Melody Studio Inc
リリース日2009-11-24 17:00:00
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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“Outstanding Features and Simple To Use”

“Run Or Walk While Listening To Music”

“Lose Weight With Lose Weight Pedometer”

You now can enjoy running, walking, or lose weight with our lose weight pedometer application. This pedometer will help you lose weight and stay healthy as it tracks your steps, distanced traveled and calories burned. Moreover, you can listen to music as you exercise. All in one application.
You can also save your exercise history and accumulate total calories burned. Just imagine how effortless it is to lose weight and maintain a good healthy exercise.

Users attention:
"You can reset the program to zero by clicking stop. A pop up will ask if you want to pause, click "No" and start the program again will allow you to reset the application to zero"

"This application will be more accurate and sensitive in determining steps and calories provided the users do no hold the device with their hands when walking or running. Please insert the device into the pocket or other places for better accuracy"

"Set to 100% sensitivity for best results"

"Please make sure to choose the correct units when setting the parameters. US users, please choose Mile(s), Calorie(s), Lb(s), and Ft(s). Users from non US country may use Km, J, Kg, and Cm."

Your results will be inaccurate if your units setting are inconsistent.

This application also features precise calibration based on your weight. Once you enter the information, you can start counting your calories burned. Lose Weight Pedometer Lite uses a simple interface which has been carefully designed and colored in order for the user to understand it as a glance. Set your sensitivity level and you are ready to go.

Studies show that pedometer use is an effective intervention for promoting physical activity. No need to join health club and pay premium month membership fee. Get this application and jog your way to a better health.

We recommend putting the device in your pocket when jogging or running. For better accuracy, do not hold the device with your hands throughout work-out.

This application is produced by Harmony & Melody Studio. Please also check out our popular apps - Piano Sight Reading, iPianoLessons, and Children Piano Game.

If you have any comments, please email us, we love to hear from you!

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