My Bullet Serve

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開発者Opus Mobile Technologies
リリース日2009-12-01 08:26:08
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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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My Bullet Serve (MBS) turns your iPhone into a powerful tool for measuring your serve speed. Find out what caliber your serves truly are and then track and fortify this all-important shot, ratcheting up your speed until it becomes the most formidable weapon in your shot arsenal.

Despite being a fun tennis serve speed measuring application, it is also a true instructional tool. MBS assist players in developing their serve by providing a convenient measure of their serve velocity.

My Bullet Serve (MBS) was featured on Yahoo! It has been picked by Appolicious’s weekly selection as one of the brand new iPhone apps worth downloading.


Want to fire more aces? If so, one of the elements that may be required is increased serve speed. But, how can you cultivate this elusive aspect of your game? How can you develop the kind of fearsome velocity that great players seem to dispense at will?

The first step is getting a calibration of where your serve speed is today -- something that had formerly only been enjoyed by tennis professionals in their privileged, radar gun-equipped environments. Now, with MBS and your iPhone, you can get an amazingly accurate assessment of your current serve speed.

MBS uses advanced algorithms that calculate your initial serve speed (ISS), which corresponds to the speed shown on TV. The computation is based on the position from where the ball was served, its landing location, accounting for the air resistance on the tennis ball while traveling on the opposite side of the court, as well as a player’s height. Supplying these values is easy, as MBS has a simple and intuitive interface, which includes a graphical representation of the court with a moving scale of feet and inches that further enhances the precision of data entry. The accuracy of the speed measurements has been validated through real life serves over 100 MPH from professional tennis coaches, and serve speeds have been correlated with video capture measurement methodology.

Two recording methods are provided: 'Tap' and 'Camcorder'.
The 'Camcorder' method is extremely accurate, and allows the user to enter video information like frame rate, frame count to compute very accurately a given serve speed (accuracy >98 %) as well as bounce location.

The second method is a 'Tap' method that offers to the user the benefit of computing serve speed measurement pretty much in real time. While the accuracy for this method is not as high as the 'Camcorder' method, it is convenient if you want to get live feedback. To increase measurement accuracy for serve over 100 MPH, when user reaction time becomes more significant, a mode is offered by recording when the ball crosses the opposite baseline instead of when it bounces.

The MBS database tracks your top ten serve speed measurements giving you a powerful frame of reference as you progress toward a serve that can dramatically influence match outcomes.

These improved results combined with a newfound incentive to best your own top 10 serves rejuvenates your practice and motivates you like never before. And, a comparison with other player’s speeds can be used to further fuel your quest for increased velocity. MBS allows you to measure and store serve speeds for multiple players and view a ranking list of these players based on their fastest serves.

Note: A recommended practice for more accurate measurements is to keep your eyes on the ball, rather than the screen. Just locate your finger over the Serve/Bounce button and just press when the ball is being hit and when it lands. This reduce considerably user reaction lag time and produces more accurate measurements.

Available in English and French languages.

- Show all serve locations for a given player.
- Show serve location for each player's best serve.
- Support for 24, 25, and 29 fps in Camcorder mode.
- Show serve type and court side for each serve entry.
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