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互換性iOS 3.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Greeting to your Facebook & friends, use Social Card.

Social Card is a greeting card application, give you the power and convenience to make your greeting card in just clicks. You can select theme from 98 pre-build themes and basic photo processing function. Further more, <Social Card> allow you tag your location map to the card so your friend know where you are sending this card.

Major Features:
- Design Card: 12 card type with hundred of card theme, photo processing function, customizing topic and message.
- Location Map: Allow you to define your location precisely or roughly. It's all depends on you.
- Enable putting signature on Card through in-app purchase.
- Upload your greeting card to Facebook.
- Send card by Email: Directly send your homemade greeting card to your family and friend at anytime, anywhere.
- Favorite contacts: Allow you to define your favorite contact person, <Social Card> will use it as the default email destination.
- Configuration: Allow you to define what kind of location content will be send out.

Usage scenarios:
1. Keeping update your season's greeting to Facebook. You can allow you fans or friends see where you are.
2. When you are traveling or for business trip, you can update your position as well as a post card to your family or friends.
3. When you join party or meeting or dining somewhere, you want to invite your friend to participate immediately, may sending invitation card with GPS& the scene picture, let him know where your party is.
5. When you go traveling, you may send a holiday card or love card whenever you are without missing the important day.
6. When you are in emergency, for example:the mountaineer becomes lost or meet the scoundrel, may send your location and the nearby scenery for rescue.

Important Notices:
- GPRS, 3G or WIFI are required if user want to update information to Facebook.
- <Social Card> allow user to queue the email until network is available.
- For iPhone 3G and 3Gs users, <Social Card> detect the user current location and move it to the center of map. Then user can change his location or adjust the map scale by multi-touch at map. <Social Card> will send the new location with new map scale to Facebook or email.
- For iPod Touch 2G or iPhone users, since these devices without GPS components, so <Social Card> will show the whole world map and allow you to manually define location. Then <Social Card> will update this information to Facebook or email.

- Revise application name and optimize to compatible with latest Facebook Connection
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