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Learn Statistics

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開発者Dan Solo LLC
リリース日2009-11-21 01:27:16
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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Learn Statistics is the perfect, comprehensive statistical data tool for students and researchers. This app provides you with dynamic graphs, statistic calculations with detailed explanations for the results and more.

- "I can certainly use the app in the class to demonstrate concepts live to students," Dr. Murtaza Haider, Ryerson University

- "Giving well done images to illustrate makes all the difference," Dr. Anthony Charuvastra, New York University

- "A great app for classroom demonstration. The graphics are stunning," Dr. Allen Holmes, retired math professor

Are you enrolled in an undergraduate statistics course? Tired of having to look through tedious tables to do your calculations? Bet you’d like an application that carries through from showing a formula to calculating the statistical values you need.

There is now a program that makes life easier for statistics students, researchers and teachers alike. It’s called Learn Statistics (LearnStat). The app uses dynamic graphs to help you gain an intuitive and quick understanding of difficult statistical concepts. Think of LearnStat as a portable educator. It’s right there, in your iPhone, ready to help you out anytime of the day or night.

Want calculations without having to pour over long, boring tables? LearnStat takes care of that for you. Unlike other apps which only show formulas, this one calculates your statistical values while helping you to understand them through interactive dynamic graphs. The results are guaranteed accurate, too.

LearnStat is a great homework helper. Its built-in calculator lets you enter data and get results immediately. Since it covers almost all of the calculation work in undergraduate statistics courses and offers examples to help you comprehend data analysis, LearnStat is the perfect, fully rounded program to help you succeed in your studies.

Here are the topics that LearnStat can teach you:

- Histogram
- Descriptive statistics
- Quantiles
- Box-and-whisker plot
- One sample t-test
- Two sample t-test
- Matched-Pair t-test
- Regression/ANOVA
- Contingency table / Chi-Square test
- Distribution calculators
- Import CSV/Tab separated TXT file via
* WiFi
* URL Download
* Open in Mail, MobileMe, Dropbox.

Each topic has an example with graph illustration, analysis report, analysis parameters, data, and help. For example, for a t test you can learn how to prepare data in data view, learn how to conduct the test with parameters and even gain insight into the difficult concept of p-value in the graph. The app’s Notes section gives a detail explanation for the graph and result statistics to help you break down the lesson into understandable parts.

The app’s interface, graphs and outputs are the same as most standard statistical software, like JMP and SPSS, so LearnStat is your portal to learning how to comfortably use other programs in future.


* Allows landscape display for all graphs

* Link points/bars in graph with data table

* Special designed keyboard to make data input much easier

* Automatically list data to appropriate topics according to its variable types

* Edit/Save datasets and use them in different analysis
* Does complete statistical calculations
* Interactive dynamic graphs
* Teaches students how to use standard statistics software
* Each example is a real data analysis
* Interface is easy and intuitive
* Results are guaranteed accurate
* Covers all topic of undergraduate statistics studies

LearnStat is a great teacher’s aid, as well. Use it help your students learn the steps to conducting statistical data analysis. The visual presentation of dynamic graphs will add clarity and reinforcement to your lessons.

If you’re a statistics student or teacher, this is the app for you. Download it now to ensure that you have the most powerful tool available for your higher learning and most successful year.

Compatible with iOS 9.
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