brainSoothe Super Sleep

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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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brainSoothe Super Sleep uses the most
powerful binaural beats available to help
you go to sleep faster, stay asleep and
wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

There are a lot of other binaurals out
there, so why are brainSoothe's the best?

1) brainSoothe's beats strictly adhere to
the Oster curve. The Oster curve, created
by Dr. Gerald Oster, determines the most
effective sound frequency to use for each
binaural beat. brainSoothe is currently
the only app to adhere to the oster curve

2) 90% of binaurals only play a single
frequency. brainSoothe's binaurals slowly
slide across the spectrum of binaural
frequencies crossing with your normal
state and bringing you to the desired

3) All other binaurals use a single voice.
brainSoothe's binaurals use between 2 and
3 different voices at a time. In other
words a voices is a specific sound
frequency a binaural beat plays at. By
using multiple voices a binaural beat
becomes much more powerful.

4) brainSoothe's binaurals are interlaced
with pink noise that is synchronized to
the currently playing binaural
frequencies. This makes the binaural beats
stand out better to your ears and your

brainSoothe's features:

-Music Playlist: select your favorite
songs from your iPod music to play along
with the binaurals.

-iSoothe ambient Sounds: 15 featured
ambient sounds from iSoothe to play along
with the binaurals. I suggest the heart
beat to help you fall asleep comfortably.

-Sleep Induction: The sleep induction
binaural will slowly take you from a
wakeful state to a state of deep sleep.

-Stay Asleep: The stay asleep binaural
will help you to sleep through the entire

-Alarm Clock: The alarm clock plays a
specially designed binaural 15 minutes
before the time you set. The binaural will
slowly lift you from sleep to a wakeful
state. This will allow you to wake up well
rested and ready to go rather than
groggy. An alarm will play after the 15
minutes to ensure you wake up on time.

-Saved Settings: Every single setting is saved so your session is ready for you the next time you open the app!

In order to achieve desired results it is
necessary to listen to binaural beats using headphones. The better the
headphones the stronger the effect.
It is also possible to get the desired
effect by placing a speaker on each side
of the head.

Bug Fixes in Ambient Sounds and Alarm Clock
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