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Step-by-Step Trick Tips

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“Learning new tricks has never been that easy. Even if you’re right in your local park and want to improve your riding straight away, you just have to grab your iPhone and “Learn to Ride” offers everything you need from a revealing trick-tutorial.” – Thomas Feurstein

Trick Tips on the GO: LEARN TO RIDE Snowboard provides you with everything you need to get started, right on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device. The app is laid out to help beginners and intermediates (and pros), so don’t worry about feeling like a newbe because you’ll be receiving instruction from experienced snowboarders. You’ll have plenty of time to practise what you’ve learned from the experts before hitting the slopes.

Learn all the techniques and tips that these Nitro pros are willing to share with you. They’ll start you out easy and guide you for continuous progression of your riding abilities.

To really help you out, your LEARN TO RIDE Snowboard teachers will equip you with video clips (+ Voiceover), which show you moves from different angles. Check and perfect your stance and style, using the videos as your guide. If you really want to nail a trick, watch the videos in slow motion so you can catch all the important steps necessary for you to perform like you’ve been doing it for years.

Photo sequences are included in the LEARN TO RIDE app. These will help you to follow up and understand the details of those tricky aspects of a trick’s performance. You are going to love what this application has to offer.

If you’re just getting started in the wonderful world of snowboarding tricks, you might be concerned about getting hurt. That’s natural and always a risk but don’t worry; these pros are only giving you selected tips, proven to yield straight and safe results. Relax, learn and practice.

LEARN TO RIDE Snowboard features Xaver Hoffman, Thomas Feurstein, Flo Mausser, Dominik Wagner, Tobi Strauss, Paul Senoner, Christoph Weber and support of NITRO Snowboards.

FS 180°, BS 180°, FS 360°, BS 360°, BS 540°, Cab 540°, BS Air BS 180° Shifty, FS 720° Shifty, Switch BS 360° and Cab 270° FS Boardslide 270° out, Air to Fakie BS Grab, BS 180° Indy, BS Air BS Grab, BS Drop-In, Cab 360° BS Grab, Cab 720° Mute Grab, Cab 900° Nose Grab, Rock To Fakie, Crippler Flip FS Grab, Inverted FS 540° Stalefish Grab, FS 360° FS Grab, BS 540° Indy Tailbone, Backside 540° Indy, Alley-Oop BS Rodeo 720°, Alley-Oop Andrecht Plant.

LEARN TO RIDE Snowboard features:
* Trick videos with slow motion, voiceover and sequence details
* No internet connection required to check tricks!
* Learn the basics (tips and tricks, snowboard mechanic)
* Mark completed tricks
* Download (iPhone wallpaper, 20-minutes Nitro movie)
* Get Gear (Blue Tomato Shop)
* get addicted to … DAILY MIX OF CREATIVE CULTURE News
* Facebook follow up
* and Tell your friends

What's New in Version 2.6:
* Minor Bugfixes

Due to the size of the app, it is recommended to load LEARN TO RIDE Snowboard through the iTunes Store!

Vimeo LEARN TO RIDE Playlist

YouTube LEARN TO RIDE Playlist http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=7899281F62B31D5A

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Further videos are in the making and the app will be updated regularly!

* Minor Bugfixes
* get addicted to … DAILY MIX OF CREATIVE CULTURE News

If you like LEARN TO RIDE Snowboard, please rate it 5-stars in iTunes every time an update comes out! As always, your 5-star iTunes ratings and reviews keep the updates coming!
Thanks for learning with LEARN TO RIDE Snowboard!!!!!

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