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星2.5 (13人)
互換性iOS 6.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Have you ever wanted to know what it happens when you sleep? you will finally be able to prove who snored if you or her :-)

“Overall, this is an excellent app and highly recommended” -

“This is the first audio recording app which has a microphone’s sensitivity level based recording that I have seen so far” -

“I liked the app” - 10/10 - Nancy Jones ,

“Night Recorder is such a sensible idea and it is easy to use” - - 5/5 star
'I used this app to record this review. In a unique files mode, I just talked on how to write and what to write. Initially I tried different audio recording apps for some writing but never satisfied of anything, as they record the silence in between my talk while I was searching for words. It wasted the device memory and I have to spend more time listening the silence. That was frustrating. I had waited for sometime to get such an app that helps me recording my thoughts and helps me writing down those thoughts continuously and quickly.' - Parri Ganesan -

The great thing about Night Recorder is this app works after the iPhone goes into standby mode. (for this reason you can use how spy recorder too) Even if the screen is off, as long as the app is launched and the ON button has been armed, you can record all night long! Another very cool feature with the app is the ability to connect via WiFi to your recordings so they can be accessed on a PC or Mac.

You have two recording options: More files, creates a new file for each recording session with time and duration; Unique files, creates only one file and records continuously on a single file until you stop the application you will find on your iPhone a list of recordings with time and duration to avoid having the spend hours of recording silent.

Adjust the sensitivity level of the microphone and let Night Recorder near you at night (even in standby mode) will record everything that happens.

Night Recorder is the only program that can help you find out what’s going on during those restless hours of the night by recording just what is happening during your sleep.


Some scientists make a more detailed study on Parasomnias, or sleep disorders.

Disorders such as: talking, laughing, snoring, grinding your teeth were found to have ties with certain medical conditions and that it was very difficult for patients diagnostic because in the morning we have no memory of what had been said or done during our sleep

Compatibility update for iOS8
Bug fixes
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