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開発者Standard Developments Ltd
リリース日2009-11-17 10:26:03
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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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"Overall I would buy this app [...]. Does what it says.
5/5!" - Review Touch Apps.

iSalary is your app to keep the overview of your earnings!

With iSalary you can easily enter the time you worked and see how much you earned until now.
This app is for everyone who has an hourly paid job useful. Also very convenient for students and scholars who work during holidays.

● How it works:

Today you worked for example 4 hours and 5 minutes. When you finished working and have again access to your iPhone / iPod Touch, you can open the app and enter the time you worked, without any detours. Therefore, you need only 4 touches and your working time is entered and saved.

● Advantages over other apps:

✓ iSalary is operational after startup.
✓ There are many possibilities, yet simple and clear.
✓ The time must be entered and is not calculated by the app with a start/stop button. In practice you normaly not have your phone with you when you work and you can mostly see the time your worked when you finish.
✓ The time can be entered whenever you want.
✓ The date is displayed so you know if the time worked today is for the current month or the next one.

● Features:

✓ Support for two jobs.
✓ Save your working time and start a new month (so you can check, after the payment, whether the reward is correct).
✓ Swip above the display to undo once.
✓ Saves automatically after each change.
✓ Displays the date
✓ Displays the selected job.
✓ Job name can be changed.
✓ Supports Emoji icons in the job name.
✓ Hourly pay adjustable for both jobs.
✓ Changeable currency ($, £, €, ¥, SFr, CHF).
✓ Delete All function.
✓ Send your working time via mail (both jobs or selected job).
✓ Change jobs in the settings menu by swiping over the shown job name.
✓ Shake to see a overview of the selected job.
✓ Information about our other apps as well as Send feedback, Tell a friend, Review and Open all apps in the App Store functions.

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