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Quickly calculate thermodynamic properties of moist air at temperatures commonly used in HVAC Systems. Given dry bulb temperature, pressure, and any one of four properties all remaining properties are calculated.

Tabs allow entry of two sets of properties which can be combined with flow rates on the Mix tab to get properties of the resulting air flow. Save entry parameters and calculations via email from direct entry or your contact list.


• Calculate multiple property states P1, P2, and P3
• Imperial (IP) or Metric (SI)
• Calc properties based on Pressure, Dry bulb, and any of four input properties
• Calc properties for the adiabatic mixing of two streams
• Save properties - email report inputs and outputs


HVAC Psychrometric Buddy calculates psychrometric properties for each of two states labeled "P1" and "P2" corresponding to the same named tabs at the bottom of the application. To calculate enter altitude, dry bulb, and at least one of the following:

• Wet Bulb Temperature
• Relative Humidity
• Humidity Ratio
• Enthalpy

to enable the appropriate input tap on the same named parameter on the tab control at the top of the screen.


• Altitude F (M)
• Dry Bulb °F (°C)
• Wet Bulb °F (°C)
• Relative Humidity pct
• Humidity Ratio lb water/lb air (kg water/kg air)
• Enthalpy Btu/lb (kJ/kg)
• Grains Grains/lb
• Specific Volume ft³/lb (m3/kg)
• Dew Point Temp °F (°C)
• Atmospheric Pressure psia (kPa)
• P1 Air Flow cfm (m³/s)
• P2 Air Flow cfm (m³/s)
• P1 Mass Flow lb/hr (kg/s)
• P2 Mass Flow lb/hr (kg/s)
• P1+P2 Mass Flow lb/hr (kg/s)
• P1+P2 Air Flow cfm (m³/s)
• P1+P2 Dry Bulb °F (°C)
• P1+P2 Wet Bulb °F (°C)
• P1+P2 Relative Humidity pct
• P1+P2 Humidity Ratio lb water/lb air (kg water/kg air)
• P1+P2 Enthalpy Btu/lb (kJ/kg)
• P1+P2 Grains Grains/lb
• P1+P2 Specific Volume ft³/lb (m3/kg)
• P1+P2 Dew Point Temp 10.7 °F (°C)

Calculations per ASHRAE Fundamentals 2009. The Instructions tab includes Imperial and Metric examples with solutions using charts and interpolations alongside a solution using HVAC Psychrometric Buddy.


Email is used to save your input parameters and resulting calculations by sending a formatted report to anyone with an email address. This address can be entered on the fly or pulled from your contact list.

HVAC Psychrometric Buddy is part of the HVACBuddy Suite of applications for the HVAC/R industry. We strive to make each app the best in class solution for it's purpose. You can be confident the app you buy today will continue to be updated and improved.

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