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'Music Clinic : 4 in 1' is an application that are designed by professional therapist to guide you to get an easy and instant music therapy .
The music therapy is in the area of empirical science and classical music has been the most popular genre for demonstrations and trial.
Up tempo music will stimulate sympathetic nervous system to revitalize muscle movement and slow music will stimulate parasympathetic nervous system which leads you to feel at complete ease.
Music Clinic is based on clinical trial conducted for college students and office workers which verify the music effects to brain wave.

High degree of stress can be cause of headache, emotional and behavioral disorders.
Through the music which helps stimulate your brain to release tension and elicit the relaxation, you can reduce your stress level
- When you have test anxiety
- When you have financial problem.
- If you want to get away from hectic life.
- When you feel upset and frustrated
- When you want to forget your pain

Poor sleep results in numerous health related problems which reach far beyond just feeling tired the next day. Our concentration and effectiveness suffer and our energy levels decline if we are regulary short of sleep.
Get healthy rest and sleep by listening to music that can slow down and stabilize your brain waves which is helpful to increase the quality of sleep.
- When you can’t fall into sleep
- If you are a light sleeper
- When you want to sleep deeply
- If you feel under the weather
- When you try to shake off sleepiness while driving

Get away from depression and improve emotional stability by listen to the music that relax you.
You will able to fairly speed up the brain waves for effective concentration.
- When you feel blue
- If you want to gorget your past memory
- When you want to feel good
- If you want to get rid of yearning for someone
- When you want to comport your loneliness
- When you are heartbroken

By listening to the music which helps tight up your loose energy and boost brain function, you can improve your sense, motivation, concentration level of work.
- When you want to concentrate
- When you want to increase your power of memory
- If you want to increase your power of concentration
- When you want to get rid of test anxiety
- If you suffer from work load
- When you have test anxiety

As music plays, slowly read inspiring words and give full play to your imagination while listening.
If it is difficult to imagine scenes with the words, get your mind relaxed by starring at the animation.
The more you try the better effectiveness you will get. If you stop in the middle of the session, effectiveness may decrease.

Music therapy is a type of complementary & Alternative therapies which improves the function of physical and mental capability.
The concept of music therapy centers around the idea that music can be used to enhance the quality of people’s life in many ways, not only physically and psychologically, but also socially.
When you listen to the music, it reacts with your cerebrum and autonomic nervous system which reinforce your blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, skin reaction, brain waves, muscle reaction, and then it reflects to your psychological condition.

The idea of music as a therapeutic influence dates back many centuries and the 20th century discipline began after World War I and II when people played music for the veterans suffering trauma from the wars. Today, In US, music therapy is systemically developing through research and study of American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) and 71 colleges which offers specialized degree of Music therapy.

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