dPlaces (see contacts close to - next to you/me all at once on map)

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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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dPlaces is specially useful to sales people!

Picture this: John, a salesman from the Pharmacy Industry, visits his clients every day. With dPlaces he can track all his visits to each client, taking a photo, setting the date, adding a note and what's best: rating each visit! So he can rate, for example, the client's willingness to buy, to indicate to a patient and/or to prescribe etc... John can create as many rating items as he wants!
dPlaces is fantastic for trips planning!

If you're gonna travel soon, dPlaces can help you plan your trip by allowing you to see on a map all landmarks, restaurants or everywhere else you want to visit in your next trip! Just add the places as new contacts with addresses and, when you're at your destination, open dPlaces and see, all at once, all the places you want to visit! dPlaces also shows you the distance from every place from where you're standing. It's very cool!

+ dPlaces takes all your Contacts' addresses, puts them all together on a beautiful Map and helps you keep track of all your places, allowing you to RATE and CATEGORIZE them.

+ MAKE REVIEWS of the places you visit! dPlaces let's you rate, review and take a photo of each place you go, any time you go!

Your addresses appear on the map as RED and GREEN pin-pushes, to differentiate between your comercial and personal data. In that way you can see, in a blink of an eye, where on the map are all dPlaces you know.

dPlaces doesn’t show places from the internet, but only YOUR OWN locations! So, when you want to know if that cool restaurant you went to last month is close to you, dPlaces is the right App!

AND IT GETS BETTER! You can also register all visits you do to every place you go! And EVEN MORE: you can RATE those places the way you really want!

So, let’s say you’re on a trip to Paris and you enter this nice restaurant. As you do, you can save the restaurant’s address to dPlaces in a touch of a button!

After that, you can take a picture of this particular visit, add some reminders such as “a fantastic night with my wife”, and what’s best: rate the place!

You can rate every single visit to every address you have in your Contacts database (dPlaces uses iPhone’s own Address Book), and the rates can be whatever you want! A few exemples:

Restaurant Chez Simone:
. Quality of Service;
. Chair’s Confort;
. Diversity of dishes;
. Beauty of the Place;
. Level of Silence;
. and so on!

And it’s not just comercial places you can rate! Imagine rating the people you date...

The Person A:
. Quality of Kiss;
. Body;
. Intensity of talking;
. Tendency to Commitment;
. you name it!

You’ll be thrilled with the possibilities!

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