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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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** The easy-to-use Baby Monitor with rich and unique features. Prepared by parents with parents in mind, and tested with our own babies. **

** Featured in The Sunday Times - member of TOP 500 Apps list! Our app is the only Baby Monitor app in that list! **

Note: if you have 2 iOS devices, you can also look at our Baby Monitor 3G app

● Phone Alert – when there is a noise in your baby's room, the 'Baby Monitor & Alarm' will call you on any pre-selected phone number (and it does not have to be an iPhone!)
● Mum's Voice – the 'Baby Monitor & Alarm' is able to play any song from the iPod library or you can even record your own voice, which is then replayed to your baby whenever it wakes up and becomes noisy. Normally this puts your baby back to sleep again (this is an optional feature)
● Lullabies – every baby loves to hear a song or a fairytale when it goes to bed. Our latest application can manage this! Just select any media from the iPod library or record your own voice, and the 'Baby Monitor & Alarm' plays it first and then starts with automatic monitoring (this is an optional feature).
● Activity Log – you will know exactly what happens during night. The 'Baby Monitor' records every noise, so that you can later replay it or forward it to an email.
● Night Mode - Baby Monitor & Alarm can work during monitoring as a Night Light or can darken LCD or can even display friendly animal to make your child feel safe. Activate it using Moon&Starts button after starting of monitoring.
● Ample Application Settings – every baby is unique - especially yours. As parents ourselves, we are well aware of this, and we have prepared the settings screen so that you can personalize everything about your 'Baby Monitor & Alarm'.

What our users says:
● I have tried a few baby monitors in AppStore, but this one definitely has the most features, and works pretty well! *****
● The Mum's Voice function is a really great idea! I recorded my son's favourite song into your app and it usually puts him back to sleep again, when he wakes up early. *****
● The Activity log help us to see our baby's sleeping patterns. Also it is funny to replay our baby's voice in the morning! *****

What our 'Baby Monitor & Alarm' has over other baby monitors:
● no baby monitor interference issues
● Mum's Voice & Lullabies – help your baby to fall back to sleep using your recorded voice without forwarding an alarm
● Activity Log and voice recording
● lots of settings to suit your baby's needs

Important notes:
● an iPhone is required for the 'Phone Alert' function (not iPad or iPod).
● because of the limitations of the iPhone, the 'Phone Alert' function requires that your iPhone remains on - not in sleep-mode. We also recommend that you attach your iPhone to the recharger when running the 'Baby Monitor & Alarm'.
● give us your feedback to Whenever possible we will incorporate your ideas and requests for new features into our future versions.
● The 'Baby Monitor & Alarm' is designed to help you with your babysitting. It is not a substitute for real human care!

Version 3.1.0
- prepared for smooth iOS 10 run

Version 3.0
● Baby Monitor now automatically restart itself after the first alert call!
● New modern design makes the app look nice on your phone.
● Optimised for larger screens of iPhone 6 and 6 plus

You – our customers – mean a great deal to us, so we decided to make not just another minor update, but to make a real major update just for you. Please let us know how you like it, and do not forget to *RATE US* in AppStore.

Positive ratings always motivate us to work on new versions for you :-).

Our best regards to you,

Jindrich and Jan (from TappyTaps)
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