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リリース日2009-10-08 18:50:55
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星2.5 (15人)
互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2022-08-17 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
** Version 2.2 now available **
New menu format and 3 brand new tricks!!!

Street Skills Free contains 3 of the 57 skills from Street Skills Premium - 60% sale for a limited time only, get them all now!

Hold the best soccer skills and tricks in the palm of your hand. Let the greatest ballers show you how to master their trade, from flicks to feints and scoops to scissors, it’s all here.

Prepare to get creative.

“This app is amazing and such an innovative use of the iPhone. The slick interface and simple presentation make it a dream to use and the skills and content provided with each is incredible. Time to dust off my footie boots!”

Street Skills Premium is the first and only interactive soccer / football skills and tricks coaching application. The tricks are presented in three different categories, 19 in each for the premium version giving 57 in total! (3 in the Free version).

• Air Skills – are used whilst juggling, great for improving your touch and balance

• Dribbling Skills– are used whilst moving with the ball, perfect for improving coordination and agility

• Ground Skills – are used to get the ball into the air, ideal for improving ball control and timing

Each trick is given a star rating from one star, easy, to three stars, difficult. Also included in each category is a Top Trick; master this and you have conquered that category.
Provided with each trick are:

• Overview Movie – An actual speed replay showing the whole move

• Slow View Movie – A slow motion replay to examine the steps more closely

• Detail View Movie – A close-up slow motion view of the ball

• Step by Step Guide – Written instruction on how to perform each move with some handy tips from the pro’s!

The challenge does not end there. Link the skills from this app together to create trick combos or new skills altogether. If you think you’re good enough get yourself on film and enter your creation into the Street Skills LIVE competitions at and if you win, your trick will be seen by Street Skills Premium users from all over the world.*

Street Skills videos are provided by the best ballers in the world, hand selected by the International Street Soccer Association (ISSA). The videos are coordinated by the director of coaching for the ISSA, Darren Laver and include a variety of challenges from tricks in the air to functional moves that can be used in game play. The ISSA ethos is to encourage players to be creative and find their own style, these videos are a starting point for you to watch and then make them your own. The one thing that all of the world’s greatest players have in common is that they all started playing in the streets, and developed their own natural style that makes them unpredictable and hard to defend against.

Join the street soccer revolution!

Performing these moves incorrectly may result in injury, be careful! Always ensure you are fully warmed up and stretched before attempting any of the skills from this app.
We accept no responsibility what so ever for any injuries or damages incurred by performing any of the football soccer skills in this product.

*** Three amazing new tricks!! ***
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