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互換性iOS 16.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Vacation Club Planning At Your Fingertips!
DVC Planner is the fast and easy way to plan your upcoming DVC vacations!
Using the easy, intuitive interface, enter in your vacation information. The DVC Planner then provides you with the following:
1. Number of points required.
2. 11 month and 7 month reservation call dates
3. 180 day, 90 day and 60 day call dates for dining and events
4. Holding day date (30 day date). If you must cancel your reservation, cancel BEFORE the Holding Day Date in order to avoid having your points go into the holding account.
5. Days until vacation.
6. Reminders that you have added
7. Vacation points details (seasons, points) for each night of your stay.

The DVC Planner also allows the user to save and even email their vacations for later recall and comparison. Plan multiple vacation options and save them all for later reference! Email them to a friend or loved one for planning!

Planners Section
The DVC Planner is the same rock solid planner. The manual planner is for those with set-week contracts.

Saved Vacations Section
Within the saved vacations section, you are able to view your saved vacations.
View Points / Seasons details for each night of your stay.
Add points that you will use for the vacation. The points manager will track your points usage.
Create and edit reminders for your vacation.

Points Manager Section
Manage multiple contracts over multiple use years
Combine points from multiple home resorts to make vacations; track points individually using the points manager
Use points for vacations that span two use years. The points manager will intelligently display results in the summary.
Points manager summary knows the vacations which uses your points and displays the results in an easy-to-read manner
Transferring points out? No problem. The Points Manager will show those transfers in the summary in logical order.
Transferring points in? No problem. The Points Manager will show the status of those points in the summary.

DVC Resorts Section
View resort information - wonderful descriptions, addresses and phone numbers. iPhones may dial resorts by using the touch-to-dial feature.

Guide Section
Enter in your guide's name and phone number for easy reference. Enter in DVC's 800 number for vacation reservations. Touch-to-dial feature allows iPhone users to quickly and easily dial your guide or DVC.

Map Section
View maps of every DVC Resort.

Settings and Things Section
Calendars, About, Messages, Apple Watch, Backup and Restore

About the Apple Watch App
View saved vacations and member number, handy when you are calling DVC Member Services.
View added to conveniently view member number.

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Version 8.0.2 - Cleaned up some colors for Dark Mode
Version 8.0.1 - Cleaned up Watch Connectivity main thread issues, Slight change to upcoming vacations on watch app.
Version 8.0 - See below
- Fixed end use year in Points Summary view.
- Fixed vacation calendar beginning and ending dates for inclusion in Vacation Detail view.
- Fixed JSON saved data to include isFavorite setting.
- Added new arrival and departure Dates selection view.
- Completely re-coded Apple Watch app to use SwiftUI and Swift lifecycle.
- Added calendar events to Apple Watch app.
- Added iPhone sync to watch when user adds calendar reminder within iOS app’s Detailed Vacation view.
- Added all of the guide items to Apple Watch app.
- Set Apple Watch app deployment target to watchOS 9.1.
- Used new NavigationStack and NavigationLink api in watch app.
- Set iOS app deployment target to iOS 16.1.
- Added help views to dates selection view and contracts view.
- Fixed UI to remove Apple Watch UI from iPad and Mac apps.
- Removed data restore from local store feature as it most probably didn’t work.
- Fixed iPad and Mac app isFavorite issues in saved detailed view.
- Fixed a crash on iPad if user dismissed adding points without adding points.
- Minor UI improvements.
- New color scheme in light and dark modes.
- Added switch in ‘Settings & Things’ to switch between all saved vacations and upcoming vacations.
更新日時:2022年12月1日 19時15分




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