Proactive Sleep Alarm Clock

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開発者Proactive Life LLC
リリース日2009-09-01 09:29:25
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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A top 10 applications in the 'Health and Fitness' category in numerous countries, featured on the Early Show, Network TV's Saturday Morning News, Sleep Review Magazine, Gizmodo's top 10 apps of the week, and Discoveries and BreakThroughs Inside Science.

Welcome to the future of alarm clocks. With Proactive Sleep you will find everything you will need from an alarm clock, in addition to tools that are designed to improve your sleep and promote feeling more refreshed in the morning.

What makes it a great alarm:
✓ Snooze feature.
✓ Nightstand clock.
✓ Set your alarm and fall asleep to any song in your iTunes.
✓ Play different songs from your iTunes based on how sleepy you are.
✓ Gradual wake feature (starts playing relaxing music or sounds 10 minutes before your alarm is set, soothing you to wake in the morning).
✓ Fall asleep to the soothing ambient sounds included in the app.
✓ Play the calming sounds (including white noise) throughout the entire night of sleep.
✓ Vibrate to wake feature (your alarm goes off without disturbing your sleep partner).

How it improves your sleep:
✓ Your body movements are monitored while you sleep to automatically detect your sleep quality. Simply sleep with your phone on your bed sheets and your sleep quality is tracked.
✓ By tracking your sleep, you are provided with informative predictions on the best time for you to go to bed and wake-up on the next day.
✓ Optimal wake-up feature - your alarm goes off within 30 minutes of when it is set based on when you are in a lighter phase of sleep.
✓ Sleep diary - inspired by the world's top sleep labs, enables you to identify the factors that affect your sleep, such as, productivity, exercise, diet, mood, relaxation, medication, alcohol use, nicotine use, and caffeine use.
✓ Proactive Equation - allows you to easily identify the factors that affect your sleep and tracks your progress over time.
✓ Dream Manipulation - phrases or sounds are played when you are most likely to be in a dream state, enabling you to become aware of and take control of your dreams (to Lucid Dream).
✓ Proactive Game - provides a direct measure of how rested you are after sleeping.
✓ Information on sleep problems and ways to improve your sleep based on clinically proven behavioral therapy research - including - relaxation training, stimulus control, sleep hygiene intervention, and sleep myth busters.
✓ Manage and export your personal data to an excel file.
✓ Share your sleep progress with friends and post your sleep to Facebook.

Includes a PROMO CODE for the PillowPocket:
✓ The PillowPocket is an innovative new pillow case that can stabilize your iPhone when you sleep, resulting in increased sensitivity for detecting sleep quality.

For people who have sleep problems, Proactive Sleep also includes options to purchase relaxation interventions designed to relax the mind and body, including:
✓ Muscle Relaxation, using a proven relaxation technique.
✓ Relaxation Soundtracks, utilizing an innovative system designed to give you a deeper night's sleep, developed by a professional music engineer who has worked with Sheryl Crow and Jimmy Buffet.

Added sleep movement tracking
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