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New Zealand is a long history of tourism. New Zealand Tourism Board to set up the world's first national tourism agency, which has just 100 in 2001 anniversary celebrations. Government of New Zealand in February 1, 1901 set up the world's first dedicated tourism government departments, this is a wise investment. Only at the beginning of 5000 the establishment of foreign tourists, is now more than 230 million each year from overseas tourists to visit New Zealand, New Zealand tourism industry has also become one of the largest source of foreign exchange. New Zealand each year for the tourism industry brings revenue of more than 6.6 billion New Zealand, this figure is still growing fast. Australia is New Zealand's largest tourism market, each year about 875,000 tourists from Australia.

From the North Island of New Zealand, South Island, Stewart Island and its nearby islands, covering an area of more than 270,000 square km, the exclusive economic zone of 1,200,000 square kilometers. 6900 kilometers long coastline. New Zealand are renowned for their "green" with. Although the territory is mountainous, mountains and hills account for more than 75% of the total area, but here is a temperate climate, four seasons is not temperature, plant growth is lush, the forest coverage rate reached 29%, natural farm or ranch land area accounts for half of . The vast forests and pastures to enable New Zealand to become truly green kingdom. New Zealand's rich water resources, 80% of power for the hydro-electric power. National forest area accounts for about 29% of land area, the ecological environment very well. Kitajima more volcanoes and hot springs, glaciers and lakes on the South Island and more. North Island, Ruapehu volcano first peak 2797 meters high volcano on New Zealand's largest lakes are Lake Taupo, with an area of six hundred and sixteen square kilometers. South Island, across the south latitude 40 ° ~ 47 °, the first peak on the island there is Mount Cook. Alpine glaciers of Franz Josef and Fox glaciers, is the world's lowest elevation of the glacier. Shanwai a series of glacial lakes, including Lake area of the brain tea, three hundred and forty-two square kilometers, the second Great Lakes of New Zealand.

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