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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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(abra)KADABRA! Magically add effects to your favorite photos with the touch of a finger. Kadabra takes Color Splash to a whole new level with additional effects and functionality. Why spend money on one simple effect, when you can get 10 exciting effects for the same price!

Using your finger as a brush, you'll instantly add life to your photos with effects like:

- BLACK & WHITE - Instantly change your color photo to an Ansel Adams masterpiece.

- SEPIA - With the swipe of a finger, add an antique Western look to your favorite photo.

- INVERTED - freak out your friends when you transform your photo to a color negative.

- DARKROOM - Do you look good in red? Add a darkroom effect to any photo.

- NIGHT VISION - Ever wonder how you look through the scope of a nighttime sniper? Now you'll know with the touch of your screen.

- THERMAL - You look hot in that photo! See just how hot you are with this thermal effect.

- POSTERIZED - Access your inner Warhol with this instant cartooning effect.

- DOTS - Want to move from the mailroom to the board room? Become a CEO on the cover of the Wall Street Journal with the Dots effect.

- PIC to PIC - Combine two photos with the touch of a finger. This effect is a party pleaser.

Check us out on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OzCOMCm1hw


Kadabra surpasses other photo effect apps with functionality like:

- SWIPE THICKNESS - Change the brush size to be sure your effect hits every pixel.

- LAY IT ON - Layer effects to take your simple photo to a museum masterpiece.

- ZOOM & PAN - Zoom in to add effects to every detail of your photo.

- SHARE - Save to your album. Send an email. Post to Facebook and Twitter. However you want, make sure you share your Kadabra creation!


You'll love the additional effects coming soon. Do you have photo effect suggestions? Send them our way!

We're excited about the release of Kadabra and hope you enjoy the effects and functionality. We'd love to hear from you! Send us your comments, critiques and suggestions!

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