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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Taskly is a task manager with a sleek interface to help you organize your life. With push or local notifications, Taskly will always keep you up to date on when a task is due.

After much consideration, I've decide to put Taskly on sale for 33% off until the Web UI is released. Get Taskly now before it's too late.

*NOTE: In order for Reminders to work, you must setup a free Taskly account which can be done in Taskly.

Taskly has a 4 tier hierarchy. You have List Categories, Lists, Tasks or Checklist and Subtasks or Checklist Items. This allows for much flexibility in organizing your tasks. Also, we've included Smart Lists such as Today, Due, Incomplete, Contexts, etc… for easy access to those specific tasks.

- When a task is due, you'll be notified (requires a free Taskly account if Local Notifications aren't enabled on iOS4) according to when you want to be notified (reminders set per task, not just a global time).

- When you need to know what tasks are due today or past due, use the corresponding Smart List to find out.

- Can't find that 1 task you are looking for in your lists or subtask lists? use the handy search feature.

- Need to attach some clients to a task so you can email or call them later? Great, just attach the contacts from your Address Book.

- Need a part for your car so you can fix it? Just input the task, take a photo and attach it to the task so you can show an employee when you get to the store.

- Do you have tasks that happen over and over such as bills to pay or taking out the trash? Well, you can easily setup repeating tasks in Taskly which work great with Reminders.

- Fast App Switching (requires iOS4)
- Local Notifications (requires iOS4) or Push Notifications (requires a free Taskly account)
- Background Task Completion (requires iOS4)
- Multi Task delete and move
- Tap and hold a task to bring up the Quick Action Menu
- Email Galore: All Lists and Tasks, individual task, Subtask List, Checklist, etc…
- Set due dates along with reminder times
- Setup tasks to repeat
- Set priorities
- Sort individual lists or subtask lists by: Your Order, Due Date, Priority, Created Date, or the global default set in Settings
- Hide and Show a whole List Categories Lists
- Badges show on lists and subtask lists showing incomplete and due tasks corresponding to that list
- Add new tasks straight from the date you are viewing on the calendar
- Add new tasks or contexts from the map view
- Quick add tasks allow for quick entry of many tasks or list items
- Free Taskly account allows for push notifications and backup and restore of your data
- Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion
Get directions to a location aware task or context using the built in Maps app or Navigon
And Much More...

(Only applicable if you are not on iOS4 and Local Notifications are disabled in settings)
Taskly uses Apple's Push Network to receive audible popup reminders when a task is due. In order to receive these notifications, you must register for a FREE Taskly account of which you can do in the Taskly app. Apple has designed the system so that our server must know about the task before it can send the reminder to your device. For this to work, you have to sync your device with patrickotten.com (where your Taskly account is). You must also have a network connection at the time you receive the reminder, otherwise the message sent from our server won't be able to reach your device. For more information and help setting up your account to work with Push Notifications, check the in app help or visit http://www.patrickotten.com/taskly/

For help and tips for Taskly, be sure to check our website:


- iPad Version
- Website Interface allowing sync between future iPad version, iPhone and website.

Follow us on Twitter @patrickotten

+ Added multitasking support for iOS4. This allows you to exit Taskly and when you return you will be brought back to what you were doing before exiting the app. (Available only on multitasking capable devices running iOS4)

+ Added Local Notifications for iOS4. Just turn the setting on from the Settings tab and Taskly will then use Local Notifications to alert you of Task Reminders and Past Due Tasks. Local Notifications are more reliable than Push Notifications and do not require a Free Taskly Account or an active connection to the internet.

+ Added background task support for iOS4. If your device is currently syncing data with the server when you close Taskly, it will continue to sync the data until completion. (Available only on multitasking capable devices running iOS4)

+ Higher resolution icon for iPhone 4

= Performance improvements

- Fixed some bugs

If you find any bugs or wish to request features for Taskly, be sure to email me at patrick@patrickotten.com

High Resolution graphics for the iPhone 4's Retina Display is coming as soon as I get a device to test on.

Please leave a review in the App Store for Taskly letting us know what you think
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