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開発者JAMB Innovations, LLC
リリース日2009-10-15 01:56:52
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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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uBurn is the first and only automated Total Body Surface Area calculator tool for the iPhone! It is designed to help you calculate TBSA burn percentage using a variety of calculation tools.

Why? Because some studies show that in up to one out of every three patients there is a significant discrepancy in calculated burn size. This miscalculation often leads to significant mismanagement in fluid replacement.

uBurn has FIVE burn tools to help you with your burn patients:

uBurn - The detailed guide to TBSA burn calculation. This program calculates both TBSA and your fluid requirements at the same time. Pick a part, select its percentage, and find out how much fluid to give your patients.

uBurn 2 - For when you're already confident with your estimation, uBurn 2 is your gateway to fast TBSA & fluid calculation. Just quickly enter the parts burned and the percentage, and the program will do the rest!

Degrees - Not sure how to classify each burn depth? This quick reference will help you classify your burn and provide some basic treatment information.

Nines - Just need a quick refresher? Nines is for you. Your quick reference tool has detailed information for the rule of nines and also has a detailed, easy to read Lund-Browder Chart.

Parkland Calculator - For when you already know your BSA% burned. Use this to quickly calculate the fluid requirements and for your burn patient. It will also adjust your formula if fluid has already been given, or if some time elapsed prior to starting fluids.

Still want more?

uBurn Medic - no frills, no fluff, just what you need to know in the field.

uBurn Pro - the ultimate burn resource.
Both coming soon!

Feeling Cheap?

uBurn Lite has been available since April 2009 and is only getting better. It's your simple Rule of Nines & Parkland Formula reference... on the house!

- minor bug fixes with some speed improvements
- aesthetic changes
- improved usability for some features
- improved splash screen, program portal, instructions & information sections
- Support for uPregnant & uRabid in the program portal
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更新日時:2022年8月13日 06時49分




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