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開発者Yonac Inc.
リリース日2009-09-17 04:57:10
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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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*** The FIRST and ORIGINAL Mandolin on the iPhone! Beware impersonators! ***

For a quick demo, see our YouTube channel at or visit us at

From courtly love to bluegrass to folk escapades, mandolin has been one of the most mysterious and personal instruments in history. Using our expertise in musical app design, we bring you the first iPhone and iPod Touch adaptation of this venerable instrument.

Featuring three different sounds, or "instruments", Mandolin also offers a new zero-latency picking/plucking algorithm we have developed in-house. Combined with a choice of three different plucking modes, you can execute different playing techniques with ease and speed.

***For example, you can set Mandolin on "Pluck Only" to use the tremolo picking this mode, tapping the string will not make a sound, but when you move your finger up and down on the string (imagining that you are hitting it with a plectrum), the string will be plucked.

Mandolin also offers you the ability to tune each of the 8 strings individually to craft your own harmonic or cross tunings. To start you off, we have included 10 tunings.

Additional features include the option to change fretboard orientation, left-handed mode, pluck-only-modes picking sensitivity, and our vintage-influenced reverb unit with settable time and feedback, easy fretboard scrolling, and a capo on/off setting to "capo" the fretboard on the lowest (partially) visible fret.


• 44100 Hz, 16-bit sound quality
• 0 latency
• Three different instruments
• Acoustic Mandolin 1
• Acoustic Mandolin 2
• Electric Mandolin
• Brand new tapping and plucking algorithms
• Three picking modes:
• Tap & Drag (aka, Classic Mode)
• Pluck Only (aka, Trem Picking Mode)
• Tap & Pluck (combination of the above)
• Adjustable plucking sensitivity (if a pluck mode is selected)
• Our own reverb unit with adjustable time and feedback
• Three reverb presets for convenience
• Configurable orientation
• Right-handed or Left-handed layout
• Adjustable fret width, pick-area width and string spacing
• Each of the 8 strings are individually tuneable
• Tune while testing
• 10 common and uncommon mandolin tunings built-in
• Capo option for the lowest (partially) visible fret
• Extremely easy fretboard scroll feature: just press and hold "Scroll" with one finger and scroll on the fretboard with another
• Moveable/hideable menu

-- Comprehensive iOS4 update for full integration with the new OS subsystem
-- Increased minimum required OS to 3.0
-- General performance improvements
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更新日時:2022年8月19日 11時43分




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