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開発者IT Traunau
リリース日2009-08-16 09:49:51
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互換性iOS 5.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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****** NEW:
Version 3 features a complete overhaul for one of the longest running sports application on iOS.

Are you an athlete? So Athlete daybook was made for you. You can completely record your training activities - for any kind of sport like running, biking, swimming and so on - using GPS or the integrated step counter. Your training logs are managed in your device and can be exported or evaluated to a high degree. Even suitable for iPod touch users, as the step counter works without a GPS module and makes extensive recordings possible.

Your training diary can be exported directly to G. Online Docs or you can send a CSV - file per email.

During your training, you can use the integrated Twitter interface to update your training status and your current position.

If you like listening to music, the training music controls enable you to skip tracks or pause music without even looking to the display.

Some of the data you can track:
- Kind of sport
- Training duration
- Distance
- Pace / Speed
- Total rise
- Calories burnt (calculated for each kind of sport)
- Amount of steps
- GPS tracking

Of course you can add diary entries for sports where you do not want to have the iPhone with you (like swimming).

Additional features, making Athlete daybook a must-have:
- enter your heart rate zones and show training zones in calendar view
- show your position on Maps while training
- GPS tracking
- integrated step counter (with calibration)
- Twitter interface
- BMI calculator
- units in miles/yards or kilometers
- diary for each kind of sport (fully editable)
- export directly to Online Spreadsheet
- export to CSV per email
- export your GPS tracks as GPX - file per email
- integrated help system
- weekly and monthly reports containing duration, distance or calories burnt
- music playlist control while training

Get serious about sports, get Athlete daybook and be the next ironman.

- fixed issue with duration picker
- GPS optimizations
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更新日時:2023年10月4日 22時18分




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