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開発者Vignesh Badrinarayanan
リリース日2009-08-23 05:49:03
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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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A Complete battery maintenance app

Check why more than 500,000 users love our battery apps.

The one and only battery app that has all the features and it keeps adding with updates.

With version 2.1 we have added ability to add themes from photo library(your app so your creativity). Charge sound alert that will only alert when battery is really full(most of the apps rip you off by alerting when it reached 100%, Li Ion batteries have the ability to charge beyond 100% and it will take a while to complete. By this app you maintain a stable health of the battery). A handy flashlight as we listened that most of the users use it while charging in the night and when you have this app open you can activate flashlight easily. The key features of the app are explained in detail. Compare our app with others and you know why you should buy or upgrade this app.
Remaining time:

The wizard learns your usage every time you open the app and smartly suggests you with a remaining time. The remaining time is based on a statistical curve that determines the time. This is monitored regularly that will surprise you in course of time. Unlike other apps you get to know when "your" dies based on your usage(based on complex algorithm).
Advanced data:

While having an audio play back time is good but it's not accurate unless you have different scenario test. In our labs we have done hours and hours of testing to determine when the usage differs and came out with some accurate time left for each usage. Usage on 3G differs with usage on Edge. So we have information for that. We have tested the gameplay by not just testing a single app but averaging usage in 5 top paid 3D and 2D games(a game addict will surely love this feature).
Battery Calculator:

Often you don't have the time to full charge but at the same time you can't leave without charging. This app perfectly allows you to calculate and charge the time you need. Say you're going out for 5 hours and your battery shows 30%, you're not sure whether to leave or charge. You can open the battery calculator and just enter the time. You get a pop up saying whether you're good to go or you need charge for say 60% and there is an alert feature where it will alert when it reaches 60%. Now isn't it easy?

PS We'll try to address all your suggestions, so keep posting us.

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