Pedi Critical Care

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Outside of a Pedi ICU, caring for a critically ill or injured child can be especially daunting. Assessment must be swift, interventions must be precise, and the patient’s age, size, and developmental stage must all be considered. This app is a quick reference on the current emergency guidelines, assessment tools, treatment protocols, and medication administration details needed to manage this special patient.

“Fast Facts for Pediatric Critical Care” includes:

•Normal vital signs, hemodynamics, and oxygen transport values.

•Endotracheal intubation supplies, procedural considerations, and
post-intubation concerns.

•The signs of a deteriorating pediatric patient and the standards for Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).

•Procedure for intraosseous cannulation for emergency fluids and medications, and the pediatric doses and dilutions for Emergency Medications, Analgesics, Sedatives, and Antidotes.

•Stat IV Push Dosing Tables (alphabetically arranged from Adenosine to Vecuronium) to help you ensure the correct dose, the recommended dilution, and the correct volume, for patients weighing 6 - 40 kg.

•Continuous Infusion Dosing Tables (alphabetically arranged from Dobutamine to Phenylephrine) to help you mix the infusion for either a syringe pump or a regular infusion pump, and to select the correct infusion rate needed to give a specific dose for patients weighing 6 - 40 kg.

•Assessment findings, pathophysiology, and treatment of Status Asthmaticus, Status Epilepticus, Drowning, Septic Shock, Trauma, and Intracranial Hypertension.

•A summary of the Developmental Milestones of each pediatric age group.

•Normal Pediatric Lab Values (including gender differences) from A-Z, each of which is selectable from a scrollable, alphabetical list.

The information for “Fast Facts for Pedi Critical Care” is gleaned from texts, journals, studies, and manufacturer prescribing information, as well as from the realities of clinical practice.

Finding the specific facts that you need is fast and easy using the selectable table of contents for the main topics, and selectable tables of contents for all subtopics.

Color is used to clarify all of the dosing tables, to ensure that the correct weight and dose are selected.

Pedi Critical Care is a specialty chapter that is part of the well-known and popular series of quick references, “Fast Facts for Critical Care,” written and published by Kathy White Learning Systems, Inc.

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