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‘Visit Paris’ is the first application to let you explore Paris through videos on an iPhone or I Pod Touch. Relive in pictures the building of Notre Dame cathedral, or the last days of doomed Queen Marie Antoinette.

When in Paris:

The place before you springs to life, simply and easily. Using gps, touch the map and the video starts.

50 videos tell short, amusing, original stories about famous or unusual places, often with archive photos and films (Gaumont-Pathé, INA, Réunion des Musées Nationaux).

Meet Eiffel before his Tower, learn what’s under Sacré Coeur church and what the Arc De Triomphe means to France, see where the Statue of Liberty was born, and the unknown Louvre...

What the Press is saying about us:

“These are not just ordinary silly mindless videos, but videos which bring Parisian monuments and places to life ... a series of very interesting anecdotes.
Even people who are not too interested in history will be very agreeably surprised while discovering and visiting the monuments, and will be swept along by the pleasure of using the Visit Paris application.

Visit Paris is not just for tourists, but also for Parisians who will be able to rediscover their city with a new eye.”

Le piéton de Paris (The Paris Pedestrian):

I will let you discover for yourself this little marvel which never stops amazing you and which you will soon be unable to do without!!!

Amongst the many applications about Paris, there are certain ones which stand out from the crowd because of their originality, and also because they are so well made. This is the case with “Visit Paris”, the indispensable guide to install on iPhone or iPod Touch so as to discover Paris and its nooks and corners in audio and video if you please!

The distilled information is really interesting ...

Le bog du Mac:

You will never visit Paris in the same way again ...

“This is a well thought out application of the kind I like ...”

The travel guide of the 21st century? 9/10 – excellent

Special Features

The use of the latest techniques, enabling the animation of photographs and engravings, use of 3D and 2D effects.

True stories, bringing places to life, (told by professional and established actors), and not just a list of buildings and dates.

Rare or forgotten images of Paris, from the greatest collections (photographs and videos).

Original soundtracks and music, or great composers, (for example Offenbach).

Additional information in text format, similar to traditional tourist guides.

Geodio reserves the right to change the content at any time.

iOS 5 compatibility
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