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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Biostats Calculator provides a comprehensive collection of biostatistical calculations. It is designed to provide easy access to the most common tests without resorting to a complex desktop statistics package. It also includes a sample size calculator for epidemiological studies, and can measure the utility and power of diagnostic tests.

Every test comes with a description, explaining when the test is applicable, an explanation on how to enter any required data, and a guide to interpreting the results. Interactive balloon help is also available, giving descriptions of technical terms.

= Available tests and calculations =

All tests generate p values indicating the significance levels of their results, as well as the listed statistics.

* Odds ratio
- confidence intervals

* Relative risk
- confidence intervals
- number needed to treat

* Chi-squared and Fisher exact tests
- enter any number of groups
- automatic test selection based on sample size
- chi-squared statistic

* Unpaired t-test
- enter data individually or as summary statistics
- confidence intervals for difference in means
- t statistic

* Mann-Whitney U test
- U statistic

* One-way ANOVA test
- F statistic

* Paired t-test
- confidence intervals for mean difference
- t statistic

* Wilcoxon signed-rank test
- W+ and W- statistics

* Pearson correlation
- correlation coefficient
- determination coefficient

* Spearman rank correlation
- correlation coefficient

* Sample size calculator
- enter Type I and Type II error rates (alpha and beta)
- allows unequal group sizes to be specified
- study can measure dichotomous variables (difference in proportions) or continuous variables (difference in means)
- required size of each group, and total size

* Diagnostic test utility
- specificity
- sensitivity
- false positive rate, false negative rate
- positive and negative predictive value
- positive and negative likelihood ratios

Future updates to the application will be free to all users.

Bugfix: Should now run on OS 3.0 and OS 3.1 devices. Let me know if you still have problems!

Multitasking supported on OS 4.

Data is now kept between sessions. This enables multitasking-like functionality on all OS versions, and on OS 4 when data would otherwise be lost due to device restart or low memory conditions.
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