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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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uSketchit+ is an easy to use application that lets you work with images on your iPhone just like design professionals do. The application can load photos, screen captures or drawings saved in a .bmp or .jpg format and lets you work in either portrait or landscape mode. You can zoom and pan to a specific area, overlay the image with a “butter paper” film and then use a virtual pen when you touch the screen. The pen dispenses a fat black line from just beyond your finger tip for better line placement control and if you touch the screen with your thumb, the flow of ink stops and you can use the pen as a pointer. Not satisfied with your work, shake the device to clear the screen. uSketchit+ has a limited number of features that helps the new user get started quickly. It works like an architect, an engineer or an interior designer would if he or she had a drawing, some tracing paper and a felt tip pen. Anyone who communicates concepts with drawings can now work in the palm of their hand at a meeting or in the field, email the idea back to the office and always have an electronic copy of the sketch.

The iPhone is now a virtual roll of drawings and a sketchpad for the design professional. You can store a set of drawings on it when they are saved in a .bmp or .jpg format. Drawing files can be sent to your email address and be saved in your Camera Roll or you can sync your Photo Library with your computer's directories. uSketchit+ will save you time, money and paper during the project delivery process and is the tool that will help you make the most of our mobile technology.

Check for more information.

Incremental Undo: Each time you shake the device to clear your work, only the last mark made will be removed not the entire sketch.

Compatibility: The application is compatible with iOS4 and the iPhone 4.
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