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Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling overwhelmed and wondering: “Damn, what am I doing here?” or “How do I respond to this situation?” or “What am I supposed to do with this?”

Do you ever wish you had someone by your side to guide you through those difficult moments in life?

“My Oracle” is your spiritual GPS, your prophet in the box, your digital seer, your techno guru—an “app” which takes you by the hand and guides you through those challenging moments to reveal what you can do to positively influence your current situation, the world around you, and ultimately become a wiser, happier, and more fulfilled person.

This application is a modern day state of the art Oracle of Wisdom that not only strives to guide you in every moment of your life by giving you specific advice, but also helps you improve the way you embrace life’s challenges and positively grow as a human being.

“My Oracle” is designed to uplift individuals, their communities, and the greater collective through wisdom, clarity, and the development of noble virtues.

“My Oracle” is ancient wisdom, thoughtful insights, and intentional magic all mixed together and adapted for the modern person and their modern lifestyle.
•Consult your Oracle first thing in the morning, on your way to work, in group meetings, before making a big decision, etc…
•Use it by yourself or with a group of friends.
•Be the initiator of fun and inspiring moments by offering personal Oracle readings to others. It’s an easy way to share advice with your friends and stimulate interesting dialog.

“My Oracle” is based on the belief that:
•You already have all the power and resources you need to thrive and be happy.
•There’s no power outside of you that can dictate your life experience unless you let it.
•You already possess unlimited happiness and wisdom by awakening virtues like gentleness, patience, and generosity.

And it’s these core qualities that “My Oracle” helps you access and utilize to your best advantage.

The key to getting the most from “My Oracle” is in the way that you ask your question. Make sure to state your question in a way that invokes your personal responsibility and your ability to act in the situation. For example, some questions you might ask “My Oracle” are:

“What do I need to pay attention to at this time in my life?”
“What quality do I need to embody in order to best meet this challenge?”
“What am I supposed to learn at this time?”
“What can I do to positively impact the world?”

Before you know it, you’ll be consulting “My Oracle” regularly with great success and deep fulfillment! Enjoy this beautiful Oracle, and may it benefit you and the world around you!

The Oracle is Francois Levannier.
His intention is to serve and support YOU in the spirit of Love.
His mission is to help you love your life and business!

Francois Levannier is a Life Coach, a Healer, and a Mystic, with three marvelous decades of conscious connection and complicity with the Universe. His religion is Love, and his work is in service to Love.

Francois Levannier, CPCC
Certified Life & Business Coach, "Success With Heart & Meaning!"

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