Baseball Speed

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開発者George Wolanin
リリース日2009-07-12 14:19:36
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互換性iOS 5.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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"Baseball Apps That Hit It Out Of The Park"

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Edit Pitcher Info
More fluid viewing of pitches in expert mode

Also included is a pitch counter for little leaguers that want to track the number of pitches thrown.

Don't worry if you receive a phone call or need to access another app, pitch counters and pitches get saved!


• Create a TEAM
• Add Pitchers
• Select Pitchers to track their pitches
• Choose Pitch Type and Pitch Result when in Expert Mode
• Adjust Average Speed Calculation
• Pitch Counter has been added
• Enter the Pitcher stride to get a more accurate speed calc
• Choose catcher distance ± 1 foot from their "standard position"
• STOP button more forgiving for "stray" thumbs or fingers when attempting to stop the timer.
• Export recorded pitches to .csv for importing into your favorite spreadsheet program

Getting Started with v2.0.8

To use Expert Mode, for accurate tracking of pitchers

(1) create a TEAM first
(2) create your pitcher(s).

Pitcher EDIT functionality is coming soon.

Have you ever been to a baseball game whether it is a little league, pony league, softball, or even major league and was just wondering how fast that pitcher is pitching?

Radar gun not available? With this App you can get a very good indication how fast a pitcher is pitching. Measuring this speed is done with a simple calculation as long as you know the distance.

With Baseball Speed, all you have to do now is tap START as soon as the pitch leaves the pitcher hand then tap STOP when the catcher catches or if the batter hits the ball to get the speed.

If you have ever wanted to measure a pitcher's speed then "Baseball Speed" is just for you. Not only is this app for the fan, but coaches can use it as a great defensive tool to find out when a pitcher has had enough or an offensive tool to let the batters know what to expect.

Little League players really enjoy knowing that they just threw a ball 45 mph or even faster. This app gives them some good bragging rights with all of their friends.

Using the app is simple. You start the timer as soon as the ball leaves the pitcher's hand and stop it when the pitch reaches the catcher's glove or when the batter makes contact. Don't forget to select the CHANGE FIELD button to change from the wide list of ball fields and leagues.

Choose from a variety of softball and baseball fields/leagues:

- 8U, 9U, 10U, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u, 15u, 16u, 18u
- Little League
- Pony League
- Minor League
- Major League
- Fast Pitch Mens Softball
- Fast Pitch Womens Softball
- Custom Pitch Distances

* Please feel free to send the developer feature requests.
* If I can make this app better for you, please just let me know.

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iOS7 Build
Minor cosmetic changes
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